Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guest Blogger: Tia Maria

Hello! I am always hearing about blogs that other dogs have--I especially like hearing about the adventures of Jake and Max--and I thought, wouldn't it be fun to write something like that myself some day! So, I asked Heather if I could write something for her blog, and she said yes--yay! (I'm very good at begging!)

My name is Tia Maria and I am a Miniature Pinscher. I may be small, but watch out! I protect what's mine, whether my toys or my humans. Heather is friends with my mom and dad, and works with dad. She may not be part of my family, but I still consider her one of mine. I love visiting her when she is at work. She always stops to pet and talk to me. Sometimes she even plays with me a little or gives me treats.

I have a big yard out in the country, but I am only allowed to go in certain parts of it (that's my special collar in the picture above that keeps me safe in my own yard). Mom and Dad are afraid I might be attacked by a kind of large dog they call a coyote. My big brother, Jigs, was killed by one a few years ago. It makes me sad that I cannot run through the fields and chase all the rabbits, chipmunks and birds hiding in there. I am a very good hunter. I have brought home birds (Mom doesn't like it when I leave them in her bed) and once found an entire rabbit carcass left behind by a coyote. Foolish coyote--there were a lot of yummy bones still left inside. I think my humans were impressed with my find, even if they did yell at me for dragging it inside and up on the sofa. What was I supposed to do with it? I wasn't about to leave it outside where someone else could find it. That stupid coyote might have remembered and come back for it!

I love to play with my toys, and have plenty of them. My favorites are a little soft soccer ball (which I often hide inside my bed so no one can steal it), a stuffed mouse, and a Greenie toothbrush (which I also hide). I am not that fond of a game they call "fetch," but love to play tag. I am very fast, but sometimes I let whoever is "it" catch me just to be fair. I do not like to play outside when it is cold or wet, though. Or when it is too hot. I am definitely an indoor dog!

During this last winter I hardly went outside at all because all that stuff on the ground (they called it %&*^$ snow) was both cold and wet, and there was so much of it that a little dog like me could be buried beneath it and no one would ever find me. Because I was always so cold, even when I was snuggled inside my bed, my Mom bought me some sweaters to keep me warm. I know bigger dogs scoff at such fashion, but they are bigger and have more fur to keep them warm. Sometimes I wish Mom would buy something to keep my feet warm!

I'm off to patrol the perimeters now--afterall, a dog's duty is never done, but hope that I can come back again sometime.



Paige Tyler said...

Great blog! And Tia Maria, you're adorable!


Jana said...

hehehehe Nice to meetcha, Tia! Love your sweater. It's very cute, as are you. ;)

Tia said...

Thank you Paige!

Thank you Jana! I hear you have a little dog too. Yay!

Jake said...

Hi Tia! I'm glad you get to write about your adventures, too! I bet that rabbit tasted good! I have not caught one. (Yet.)

Tia said...

Hi Jake! I hope you catch a rabbit some day. They are really good!