Saturday, October 18, 2008

SC195 and WBF

The Wisconsin Book Festival is going on downtown this week, so I'm headed up today and tomorrow. No authors I recognize, but hopefully will not be disappointed by the events I've decided to attend. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you wish events were closer together so you could duck out of one and try another. That is my biggest issue with the WBF--instead of containing events in one location, they are spread out all over the city. Granted, most are in the downtown area, but even those are scattered over a mile radius. And it isn't as though there aren't facilities that could accomodate all events under one roof.

This is a birthday card Mom requested for one of my uncles. I made it fitting one of the many SCS sketch challenges I am behind on, SC195. The middle panel features some direct to paper using chocolate chip ink. I liked the blue with the more neutral colors, but it just needed a little something. Likewise the bottom square, which is why I hauled out the hole piercer.

Stamps: Happiness is a Journey, It's Your Birthday (Stampin' Up)
Paper: DCWV
Ink: Chocolate Chip
Accessories: Hole piercer, circle punches


AE Rought said...

Nice card! I've done some stamping in my time, too, although nothing as fancy, unless I was attending a workshop.

Thanks for commenting on my post at the Midnight Moon Cafe!

Annalee said...

The Book Festival sounds like fun. I need new books. I have been reading the same old book for over a month. And I do mean old. I'm in Misery. I'm kidding. I really am reading Stephen King's novel Misery. ;) The thing is that I know the story so I never feel I have to finish.

Allison said...

Gorgeous Heather! My son is such a train fan that this stamp is almost too hard to resist!

Heather said...

AE~ Thanks for the compliment and visit!

Annalee~ The Book fest was fun, for the most part. Four of the seven events I attended were awesome, two were okay, one I wished I had skipped. Didn't buy any new books, though there were a couple that did intrigue me. Plus, I stayed far away from the $3/bag booksale--there are enough books already in the staggering TBR mountain range. LOL on "Misery." Never read it, but have seen the movie.

Allison~ Thank you -- and do you mean to say you haven't purchased this one yet? What's wrong with you?! lol My first thought when I saw this set was what awesome Christmas cards it would make, but so far have only used it for birthday cards. Plenty of time to play with it yet. *grin*