Saturday, October 11, 2008

Scattered Leaves

You'd never know it by the weather (76F today, 80 predicted for tomorrow), but fall is definitely here. The trees in the Arboretum along the Beltline have finally started to change, a dazzling array of orange and rust and yellow, and you can't walk anywhere without the delicious rustle and crunch underfoot. If only it felt more like fall. Last weekend we had a few nights down around freezing, this weekend we're a good 12-20 degrees above normal. I much prefer my autumns on the cool side. Autumn nights are made for warm sweaters and slipper socks, sipping hot cocoa and warm apple cider, and snuggling comfortably under the covers. It shouldn't be so cold you have four extra blankets on the bed one weekend, and so hot the next you barely need one. Fickle weather! Still, nothing can compare to that crisp, pungent smell that is Autumn. Ahhh!


Jana said...

We're still having temps in the mid80's to mid 70's in the daytime and upper 50's to mid 60's at night. Perfect weather, if you ask me. I would like it a little cooler in the daytime, though. Maybe something in the upper 60's?

So glad I don't have to worry about fallen leaves this year. A) don't have any trees in my small yard and B)If I did, they wouldn't be my responsibility! Whooo hooo!

Heather said...

We actually went above 80 on Sunday--too dang late in the year for that, I tell you! Today has been a bit chilly, only 55F! Supposed to drop down into low 30s tonight. And they STILL haven't turned on the heat in our buildings. One shouldn't have to wear two or even three pair of slipper socks in order to keep one's feet warm!

Oh, and I don't have to do any raking either. Hehe...