Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #78: Random Stuff

I'm feeling rather peevish this week. Here's some of the random stuff bogging me down.

1. Note to self: Next time you loan a stamp to someone, no matter how good the friend or experienced the stamper, make sure said stamp has been thoroughly cleaned so you don't end up with Perfect Plum (a dark purple) in your Pretty In Pink ink. Argh! Thankfully, it is only one end of the ink affected, I did manage to sop some of it up, and I noticed in time to clean the stamp before more damage could be done.

2. It's October. It's been in the low 40s every night this week and may possibly dip lower tonight. So why the hell haven't they lit the furnace already? It shouldn't be so cold inside my apartment that I'm worried about frost on my plants. Not that I think anything could kill the stupid dragon tree.

3. Speaking of things that are cold... Why is my freezer leaking inside the refrigerator and all over my floor? I de-iced it three weeks ago, which helped all of two weeks before the problem started again. Appliances!

4. Of course, if I could actually find a new apartment, the above problem would no longer be mine. However, as I am the primary caretaker for my mother and therefore require a ground floor, handicap accessible apartment, and a good 90 percent (if not more!) of the housing in this city is not accessible, finding a new abode has proven extremely difficult and stressful. Note to all builders: Stop building apartments that are completely inaccessible and which require one to walk up five billion stairs to enter!

5. CBS owes me ten minutes of Criminal Minds due to their "technical difficulty." Robbing viewers of the last ten minutes--the dénouement--is just plain rude! It's not like pushing CSI:NY back ten minutes to re-air those lost minutes would have killed you. Heck, Cold Case is frequently delayed much later than that! Give me the ending, damn it!

6. Leave it to the Milwaukee Brewers (baseball for you foreigners) to finally make it to the playoffs for the first time in 26 years...only to choke their first game out. *Sigh* We can only hope for a better showing today (Thursday). Ah well--at least the Chicago Cubs lost too. Hehe...

7. It's past time my elbow healed. Really. I refuse to accept blame responsibility for the fact that what was originally a strain has taken months to heal. I mean, if inanimate objects would stop getting in my way my elbow wouldn't be garnering a new bruise every time I (literally) turn around. The stove, kitchen counter, door handles, the printer at work, and remote control (don't ask!) all seem to be conspiring against me.

8. I have been condemned to work two days of an upcoming show for work with Thing One (Thing Two being out of town that week). And yes, condemned. One, I was not asked if I would be able to work this show and two, I would much rather be left behind--alone--at the office, than forced to breathe stale, canned air and deal with buyers all day. I am not a salesperson, and this is the sort of stressful situation guaranteed to bring on a migraine. Not to mention how absolutely bored I am going to be. I am also peeved by this because...

9. I have scent allergies, perfume and cologne being the worst. No matter whether I take meds in advance or not, they do not alleviate the symptoms 100 percent. The non-stop sniffling and sneezing isn't the worst of it, either--in extreme cases my throat tightens and breathing becomes laborious (shudders at memories of RWA 2002). No matter how many times Thing One has been told I am allergic, he still insists on bathing in cologne, especially for business meetings and shows. Seriously, worse than the proverbial French whore. I rather like breathing, thank you very much.

10. The stupid show "assignment" also means having to cancel my Wednesday and Thursday night plans. That Wednesday kicks off the Wisconsin Book Festival. I had hoped to attend the talk with Judy Blume that night (or, failing to obtain a free ticket for that, the program with Cristina Schwarz), and a program with Jacquelyn Mitchard Thursday night. However, given how late the show runs, and the hour plus ride back in rush hour Interstate traffic, I will not make it home in time to attend either. Color me ticked! *growls*

11. Okay, in order to keep this post from being completely negative, there is something to look forward to this weekend: The annual Talking Spirits tour at Forest Hill Cemetery Sunday afternoon. This year's emphasis is on the Civil War.

12. One good thing to come out of the past week: I received an order for 20-30 cards from a friend, after she saw one posted last week that she liked. Yay me! Excellent timing, too, as I have a rather large stamp order arriving next week. Can't wait to play with all my new toys!

13. Saturday is World Card Making Day. Local stores are hosting make-and-takes, and many online sites such as SCS will have online challenges throughout the day. Since I have no plans (read: life), I intend to celebrate the day by--what else?--making cards. Maybe I'll finish that order mentioned above, as well as refill my personal supply of birthday cards!


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Shelley Munro said...

Hugs! I hope the rest of your week is better.

Ms Menozzi said...

If nothing else, you at least have my sympathies - and I'm stuck with a hubby who has the flu this weekend...


Hope things get better for you...


Adelle said...

No solutions, only ((((warm hugs)))) Happy T13!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya hon. I've been peeving this week too. Hugs to you! Happy Thursday!

Nina Pierce said...

It must be the season. Sorry things are so icky. And as a person who has issues with mobility ... I hear you on the apartment situation.

Debbie Mumford said...

It must be the season for *irritants* - September was an off month for me. Here's to a better October! {{Hugs}}

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Sounds like you have some darn good reasons to be peevish.
I'd be mad just missing the book festival.
I hope the sales meeting goes quickly and you're back in your office fast.
Enjoy the Cardmaking get together.

Darla said...

Argh! Sounds frustrating. I was getting a little worried here when they told us they don't turn the heat on until it's been cold five days in a row. Thankfully, their definition of cold is warmer than mine. Hope your heat gets turned on soon!

Paige Tyler said...



My TT is at

On a limb with Claudia said...

Hurray for stampers! that's a ton of work - and a fun hobby!

Maggie Nash said...

Oh Dear Heather...*big hugs*

I have decided that the planets have been out of alignment for tooo darn long!

Things have been out of whack for a while now and it's time for a new dawning of good things!

And it will come for you too :-)


Alice Audrey said...

Yay on the card order, anyway.