Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #79: Eplegaarden

Weekend before last we had a family outing to Eplegaarden, a local orchard and pumpkin patch not too far from where I live. I don't think my niece enjoyed herself at all. Nope, not one bit, as photographic evidence will prove. At almost four, The Bug has become quite the expert in apple picking. *grin* (Click on any image for a larger view.)

Many of the trees were already past their peak,
with more apples under rather than on them.

Look at all those lovely apples up there,
high above our heads and out of reach
(climbing and ladders are not allowed).

Note the concentration on that face!

Taking a short break.

Ooh...this one looks good. And this one, and this one...

Can't I take the whole branch??

If you missed the apple recipes from two weeks ago, you can find them here.


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Adelle said...

Lovely pics. There's nothing like a juicy apple right off the tree. Happy T13!

Alice Audrey said...

What fun!

Bethanne said...

that's looks like so much fun!! I love fall.

Stephanie said...

Awwwwww .... what wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing them. Happy Thursday! *hugs*

Inez Kelley said...

Great blog! We just had our local Apple Harvest Festival and the kids love it!

Ms Menozzi said...

Mmmmm... apples!

I agree with all the above - the pics are wonderful, and it looks like a really fun time! Thanks for sharing 'em!

Happy TT!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

She's such a cutie!!!!! We just had our Apple Harvest here and I missed it. *sigh*
It's an awesome time of year.

Debbie Mumford said...

What a doll! Fall wouldn't be fall without apples...especially apple cider.

Nadia said...

Ohh...apples!!!! I so miss apple picking. Love the pics. :)

Paige Tyler said...

Cute pics!


My TT is at

Heather said...

Adelle~ You are so right, and the nice thing about the orchard is that they do allow you to sample as you pick. The Bug polished off at least two that afternoon!

Inez and Jennifer~ An apple festival sounds fun. There are some communities around here that hold them, but none really close.

Debbie~ You are sooo right--nothing says fall like (warm) apple cider. Mmm...

Mel said...

OOh looks like you guys had so much fun. It makes me want apple crisp and vanilla ice cream.

Heather said...

Mel~ Mmm...that sounds really good right now. lol

Janice said...

Aw, I think your niece had a good time.

Happy TT.