Friday, November 21, 2008

Another weird dream...

I feel compelled to post this for Jana's amusement, who always seems entertained by my weird dreams. This is the one I awoke from yesterday morning.

. . . . . . . . . .

I was back in my college dorm room putting clothes away or cleaning when I happened to remember that I still had a load of laundry in the machine downstairs. So, I hurry out of my room and start down the front stairs, passing a few Alpha Gams carrying covered dishes on the way down for a Thanksgiving dinner in their suite, and I suddenly recall that we had something going on that night in our suite as well, for which I am just in time.

Before I continue, a bit of layout: At my college, the four national sororities do not have houses, they each have a suite. The suites (as well as a shared kitchen) are along a passageway connecting two of the dorms, but in my dream that wasn't so. They were in the basement of the dorm proper, where laundry and other rooms (storage, nursing clinics) were in real life. The upper suite is for meetings, rush activities and open houses; the basement suite (sadly not connected to the upper by private staircase) is used for storage and has a small lounge area. Whenever new furniture was purchased for the suite upstairs, the old was retired to the private suite below and old furniture there removed. The basement is for members only--no guests allowed--and was a place I often retreated when I needed to study without interruptions and possibly late into the night.

Anyway, back to the dream. I get down to the basement, and the Alpha Gam suite is a bit ahead and to my right; our suite is a sharp left, with the entrance next to the stairs (which would be where the laundry room is for real). We have an odd shaped room, with the front wall cutting at a diagonal. The front diagonal portion has a tiled kitchenette, with laundry and storage area behind it. The rest of the large open space was our general meeting area. Someone had rolled up the carpet to reveal the cement floor beneath. I recognized a few sisters as I entered -- MA, AH, RK. I scurry into the back and begin pulling stuff out of the dryer as RK starts to speak.

This is where it gets weird. I thought at first that we were preparing to have new carpet installed, and that was why the carpet was pulled back. But no. It seems we were preparing to bury a body beneath the floor of our suite. RK tells us that she has talked to a guy about an estimate and he was supposed to get back to her, but that we should be able to do it. And, if fundraising went as planned, we should have enough to inter at least five more. Yup, it seems that some sisters wanted to be buried beneath the floors of our suite, a sort of place of honor for one's eternal rest. Don't ask me how we were planning to do it, considering the floor seemed poured as one concrete slab, no individual sections that could be lifted or removed.

I swear I have not seen Arsenic and Old Lace in ages, nor did I eat anything within the couple hours prior to going to bed.

Also: To the best of my knowledge there are NO bodies buried in my sorority's basement. That pledge that went missing was just a rumor. Really. ;-]

So, Jana...what do you think of this one? *grin*


Jana said...


That one's a bit morbid. LOL

I'll admit I thought for a minute you were going to say that your sisters had killed the Alpha Gams and were going to bury their bodies in the basement floor. hehehehehe

Your ending was marginally better. Strange, but better than killing anothor sorority. lol

Heather said...

Oh, no no no - I was actually friends with a couple Alpha Gams. lol

Seriously, I have no idea where this came from. I certainly don't wish to bury that part of my past. The only real-life link is that a friend (MA from the dream) recently sent pics she took last month at homecoming. She took pics of the upstairs suite, a composite on display downstairs from our tenure, and a couple others from around campus, particularly the old signs they had not yet replaced (Carroll's name changed from College to University in July).

So...definitely one of those bizarre dreams.