Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bare November Days

Not yesterday I learned to know the love of bare November days
before the coming of the snow.
~Robert Frost

Yeah...guess we are getting today? Yup--more snow. Up to three inches possible in our area. Winter is officially here, no matter what the calendar might say! Dug out the Christmas decorations yesterday--my little three-foot tree, the lights for the front window, wreath for the door, and another hung on an inside wall. I'm not digging out as much as I have in previous years, but it's enough.

For the first time in years, friends and I did not do the usual shopping marathon beginning at 4am Friday. Considering the migraine I had when I went to bed Thursday night, I never would have made it. I really needed those extra hours of sleep! I did venture out a bit myself later in the day, but only hit a few stores, not the 15 or 20 we've hit in one day previously. And no, that is NOT an exageration! Also got my hair cut and went to the post office while out--the latter of which had the shortest line I stood in all day. Seriously! Apparently everyone was out standing in line at local retailers instead. Still much to do in the coming weeks, but at least I crossed a few items off my shopping list. Hopefully I can cross a few more off with a little online shopping!

Anyone else brave the stores this weekend? Find any good bargains, or have a crazy story to tell? Fell free to show and tell! ;)


Jana said...

Nope. I'm not that crazy. lol We (my sisters, etc) went to flea market instead. Since the biggest part of the crowd were Black Fridy shopping the flea market wasn't all that crowded, either. yay!

Sorry to hear about the migrain kickin your butt. Those are never fun.

Bethanne said...

Oh no. Not me. It's just not worth it!!! I'm not even sure I would go if it was free... maybe for a free laptop, otherwise, no. probably not even then. ;-)

Heather said...

Ah, you faint-hearted beings! LOL - seriously, as much as i like spending time with my friends, every year we've done the marathon shopping thing I've found myself asking WHY?! about halfway through the day and spend the entire weekend recuperating.