Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Again?

Ugh! Another Monday. Did not sleep well last night. Woke up a couple times from crazy dreams, though I don't really remember them. Each time I woke, I could sense the snow falling softly outside my window, though I could not see it and there was no howling wind, and drifted back to sleep, happily ensconced in my warm bed. And, I admit, though I am not looking forward to this winter, the trees were rather pretty all flocked in white this morning.

Inches of Snow we Awoke to: 2.5
Annoying Telemarketers dealt with before noon: 2

Well, we survived another Stamp & Scrap Expo Saturday without going into hock. Barely. *GRIN* Seriously, though we did all buy something at the expo (no surprise that Kathy outspent us all by quite a lot, lol), I did NOT wield the credit card. Nope, I somehow managed to keep my purchases below the amount of cash in my pocket and even had money left over. Believe it or not. *g*

I actually drew up a short list of specific items I was looking for, and did find the two punches I wanted. Our local shops carry this line (Marvy), but for some reason have only been stocking the scalloped ones lately, not the plain--and I was looking for two of the plain ovals. The first booth we hit actually had the entire Marvy line of punches, so I could have easily spent all my money and then some there, as I do not have any of the rectangles (plain or scalloped), only have one heart, non of the snowflakes, and (I think) two squares. But, I was good and only bought the two on my list.

I also bought some brads, though not the autumn leaves I was hoping to find. Archiver's, JoAnn's, WCM and Scrapbook Superstore never seem to have them, and Michael's has been out for the past two months (there's an empty peg hook where they belong). So...I was hoping I'd have better luck at the Expo. And, of course, I bought a few new autumn/Christmas stamps. Must make a card for my sister with one of them. Anyone with siblings who has played the "Mom's favorite" game will appreciate this one -- it says, "Santa loves you--but I'm his favorite." Hehe... The only thing I did not find (again) was a turkey stamp I actually like. Most I've seen are either too cartoonish, too detailed, or too big. Why can I not find a plain and simple turkey??

We were at the Expo a couple hours (it takes a while to get through 50-some booths), and I was home in time to watch the Badgers eke out an overtime win in their final game this season. Cal Poly really needs a kicker, as it was the three missed extra points and a field goal that cost them the game. Not that we're complaining. Hehe... Though the Badgers will not be playing New Year's Day for the first time in a few years, they are rumored to be in the offing for a "minor" bowl game. Pfffttt. Whatever. We were clicking back and forth between our game and Penn State's, and are happy that PSU will be playing in the Rose Bowl NYD. Yay! GO Penn State! I'm sure L is majorly happy about that. *G*

The rest of Saturday -- and Sunday afternoon after I braved Office Depot and the grocery store -- was spent watching Christmas movies. Yes, already. Deal with it. I even made Sunday's movie marathon productive by addressing envelopes for Christmas cards. I figure that's half the chore already completed. Now to get them all signed and sent out before Christmas! ;-)


Lynn Daniels said...

I know you dislike the snow and such, but I sure wish we got more of it. It would almost be like a reward for enduring the bone-chilling cold. Of course, I can say that because we don't get much of it, right? :)

Heather said...

Hi Lynn!
It's not so much that I dislike the snow (I hate the cold more than the snow), but they are predictioning that this winter could be worse than last year, and I don't know if I can survive another 100+ inches in one season. I mean, this is Wisconsin, not the North Pole! *g*

Here's wishing all my Southern friends a bit of real snow! You all know who you are! ;]

Nina said...

Well, even here at the North Pole we have predictions of a monster winter with huge amounts of snow. Yay! If it's going to be winter, let it be winter a LOT. Lots of snow and such. I hate it when we're drudging through a lot of dreary gray days between August and May.

Very good of you to not wear out that credit card. I do not know if I would've had that will of iron. But then again, I don't own a credit card. :)

Heather said...

Nina - Gray days are definitely drearier when there is no snow, just an endless brown and ash landscape. Yuck! The CC will probably get more of a workout Friday and Saturday, but even then I shall try to limit my spending. At the very least, the post office will be happy to see it. *g*