Friday, November 07, 2008

Seven Bookish Things About Me

Jana tagged me with this Monday, so here goes. Seven bookish things about me.

1. If I start reading/buying a series of books in paperback (or, more rarely, in hardcover) I prefer to continue in that format if possible, so that that series/author can be shelved together. I did make an except for the Twilight series, seeing as the paperbacks and hardcovers are the same size.

2. I cannot stand and refuse to buy those oversize paperbacks that some publishers (such as Harl/Sil) occasionally force on us. I prefer my books all the same size (mass market) so that they can easily be fitted to my shelves, TYVM.

3. I can't read more than one book at a time. I blame this on my English/French Lit days (yes, I was stupid enough to take three lit courses in one semester once) when I would sometimes be required to read a novel in French and another in English at the same time. It's just too difficult keeping the different plots/characters straight and my brain can no longer handle that!

4. I rarely usually borrow books, especially from the library. I don't always get to something I want to read right away, and it's much easier to add it to the towering TBR pile and r4ead it in my own time than try to renew something or remember from whom (and when) it was borrowed. The one exception are books traded with my friend Kim, but that's usually because she has loaned me part of a series I really want to read.

5. I am particular about whom I loan my books. In fact, the only people I loan to anymore are my friend Kim (we take turns buying certain series--for example, I buy all the Scottolines, she buys all of Hooper's Bishop series), and my younger sister (but NOT the youngest). I've learned which people are most likely to return my books and treat them well. If you borrow a book and never return it, you've lost borrowing privileges.

6. Book abusers irritate me. People who dog ear corners, crease pages, break spines, smear pages with food or beverages, and use books as coasters or frisbees lose all rights to borrow any of my books. Ever. I expect to get them back in the same pristine condition they were in when I leant them out.

7. My books are sorted by hardcover and paperback, and arranged alphabetically by author within each format. I also tend to sort some genres separately, ie: classics, romance, thriller. It gets a little shady, though, when you have authors who started out in romance and moved to suspense/thriller genres.

I'm tagging: Rae, Margie, Nina, Adelle, Alice, Eaton, and you -- yeah, you know who you are. Stop skulking and participate. ;-)


Nina said...

I agree. Bookabusers are not fun. If I lend someone a book I expect them to return it looking the way it did when I left it.

Oh bookish tag done. See blog. :)


Nina said...

Ah and yes, I try to sort my books also in some kind of fashion. Never succeeded very much though. Probably because I am friends with every one of my books and know where they live on the shelves. :)

Cookbooks however reside in the kitchen and series live together on the shelf.

Nina, again...

Eaton Bennett said...

OK! I'm up for Tag, sounds like fun. Thanks Heather. :)

Jana said...

thanks for being such a good sport, Trix. ;-)

Glad to see that we share a couple of behaviors. lol

Heather said...

Thanks for playing along everyone!

And Nina - ACK! I can't believe I missed the typo peeve. You know how difficult it is for me to turn off the internal editor when reading, and how easily they can yank me out of a story.

Maggie Nash said...

I'm late as usual...I missed this!

I'll have to have a think now :-)

Thanks for tagging me....again!