Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yup, I finally uploaded some of the pics I took before Christmas. My only excuse is that this particular roll of film (nope, didn't get the digital I expected...sniff) was damaged. There was a scratch across the bottom third of almost every frame, which required digitally fixing before I could share them. While it's great that modern technology allows us that option, it was a major PITA altering some twenty photos.

I particularly like the bottom image of this snow-laden pine tree. Don't you love how the snow forms a shelf across the branches? The deep freeze continues here, with temps barely above zero this morning and windchills far below. And yes, it can and will get much worse. They are talking of an actual high tomorrow of 6 below zero. I think I can hear the teeth of Southern pals Jana and Lynn chattering as they read this, LOL.


Jana said...

Oooo, pretty. I love these. They look cold but soo pretty. :-)

And yeah, my teeth are chattering. lol They've been chattering all day, actually, and it's 41 degrees out, here. LOL Supposed to be 5degrees when we get up in the morning with a daytime high of like30 tomorrow. MISERY! LOL

Heather said...

41! Girl, that's a veritable heat wave in these parts! LOL

Lynn Daniels said...

Beautiful pictures!

I was talking to somebody at the bank today, and we agreed that at this point, snow would be like a reward for the cold weather. We don't get the good snow. We get the miserable ice. *sigh*

Chattering teeth? Yeah, I guess you are looking at some heavy-duty cold! Our next couple days are supposed to be the coldest of the season so far, with lows in the low teens, with wind chills as low as 5°. That may be old hat for you these days, but it's big news for us. :)

I feel for those folks in International Falls, MN...what was their recent low? -40? -50? Brrr!

Heather said...

Thanks, Lynn!

I think snow is definitely a bonus at temps so cold, though we've had plenty of that this winter too. And yes, Intnl Falls is usually colder than just about any place else in this part of the country.

Alice Audrey said...

I was going to ask how cold you were. I've been hearing things that make me very glad to be where I am now.