Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Where the Sidewalk...Disappears?

Yes, there's a sidewalk curving along that wall...somewhere. This was actually taken last February, though it has looked much the same this year. Between all the snow that had fallen (more than 100 inches by this time last year and about 70 inches so far this year), and all that has been plowed off the road to the left and heaped upon the narrow terrace, there was barely enough room left to navigate the walkway.


Jana said...

Good grief, that's a lot of snow. *shivers*

Heather said...

Uh-huh! LOL

Lynn said...

Whoa. That reminds me of something we saw on our cross-country trip this past summer. It was the same, but different. Instead of snow, it was the flooding in the Midwest. I think it was in St. Louis, but I could be wrong -- the Mississippi was up so high, the sidewalk and benches by the river's edge were completely underwater.

I agree with Jana; that's a lot of snow.

Heather said...

Lynn ~ A lot of snow, yes, but wouldn't your kids love it? *grin*

We had a lot of flooding here last spring and summer, but what can you expect after 100 inches of snow? It all had to go somewhere, right? June was the worst, with bridges and sections of highways under water.

We had "no wake" rules in effect on Madison lakes most of the summer, while up near the Dells a section of highway and a few houses were washed away when Lake Delton broke through the narrow embankment between it and the Wisconsin River--you might have seen that on the news, as all the channels were showing one of the houses that was swept out into the Wisconsin River.

Shelley Munro said...

Every time I see a photo like this I'm glad I live in NZ, in a place that doesn't have snow.