Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Quilt

Having crafty friends is fun--you reap all sorts of benefits. Food, crocheted dish clothes and towels, seasonal decorations... Yes, there are definite benefits. Having crafty friends with crafty moms can be even more rewarding. For example, take a look at the birthday present made by my friend Kat's mom, Mom N. ... (And for you nosy people, the guy to my left is Kat's husband, she was sitting on my right, just out of the frame.)

I have no idea why the backing and sides are pastel pink, other than a misguided notion of Kat's that it is my favorite color. I have not voluntarily worn pink since...well, not since college, and rarely even then. In fact, other than one spring formal, I don't think I wore pink even then. Coral, yes. Pastel pink, hell no. I do love the red and greens framing the cat panels, though, and it is soooo unbelievably warm. It has definitely been welcome a few times over the past month, when winter has refused to release its icy grip on us. (For the record, I prefer warm oranges and earth tones these days.)

The full quilt

Closeup of top half

Closeup of bottom half

And just for kicks, this is a similar quilt Mom N. made for our friend Kim. Don't you just love the deep colors of this one? This was the second set of blankets Mom N. made for us. A few years ago I received a Mary Engelbreit Christmas designed blanket, and Kim one in a Star Wars design. The woman certainly knows what we like!


Alice Audrey said...

This is the kind of quilting I can't do. I've tried it a couple of times, got my lines off by just a hair, and went nuts with the seam riper. Much better to just go crazy.

Jana said...

How perty. I wish I knew how to quilt. Shame I'm not retired. I could learn with the ladies from our church who meet a couple times a week to quilt. :-/

Heather said...

Alice - I just wish I could quilt, period. Okay, I probably could if I actually put some time and effort in with the sewing machine, but I think I have enough hobbies.

Jana - I bet that would be fun. Maybe some day, eh?