Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday 5: Bugs

1. What bugs truly freak you out?
Cockroaches...UGH! *shudder*

2. Which Bugs Bunny cartoon do you remember most fondly?
"The Wabbit of Seville" . . . Sing it with me --

"Kill da wabbit
Kill da wabbit
Kill da wabbit


3. What bugs you most about your life online?
Not being able to keep up with posts or blogs the way I'd like to--sometimes due to life being too busy, sometimes because of internet connection issues (like the near-constant summer construction in my area that frequently interrupts service. I can tell the instant they start working--I'll be zipping along and then suddenly...nothing). Also those annoying/rude/insipid individuals who, no matter how hard you try to avoid, keep popping up in the same forums you do. They can really try your patience some days!

4. Which of your favorite websites seems often to be especially buggy?
Hmm...I tend to stick with known and trusted sites that rarely have issues, but IE seems particularly buggy of late. Somebody please tell me it's not just me!

5. When were you last too sick to get out of bed?
An easy one--the first weekend in March, when I had the flu. I was fine when I went out with friends for my birthday Friday night, but by Sunday afternoon...ugh!

1 comment:

Alice Audrey said...

When my kids were little we all got that sick all the time. Looking back over this last year I think I only got that sick once. What a relief!