Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday 5: Dairy

Since it's June Dairy Month, I guess this week's questions are more than appropriate.

1.What are your feelings about milk?
Love milk. I can drink a gallon a week, easily (1% - skim is too watery, don't care so much for 2%)

2.What are your feelings about cheese?
Depends on the kind of cheese. Cheddar would win out as my favorite, but I also like cojack, mozerella and brie. Absolutely no blue cheese or limburger. Ugh!

3.What are your feelings about yogurt?
Yogurt is okay. Not a big fan, but I'll have a Yoplait Whip on occasion.

4.How do you feel about soy milk?
Ugh! Sorry, that is not milk!

5.How far are you from the nearest cow?
Not that far, actually. I pass at least four farms with cows every morning on my way to work. My favorites are the Scottish Highland cattle. They have the cutest faces!

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