Sunday, July 05, 2009

Book Banning

I can't believe I had not heard about this incident in the Milwaukee area before reading Tess Gerritsen's blog, as well as her awesome post at murderati. Book banners really make me itch.

From what I've seen, all challenging/banning books does is a) make obvious how big a small-minded idiot someone is and b) increase sales of the "controversial" book. Authors look on having a book challenged as an honor, a source of pride. If you don't want to read a certain book or author, DON'T READ IT! But please do not tell me that *I* cannot read it, if I so choose. Heck, I may not even like the book, but please allow me to decide for myself. I am a (reasonably) intelligent person, capable of thinking for myself.

And you know, this is the truly wonderful thing about libraries: they have something for everyone! If you don't care for a particular genre or author, don't read them. If you prefer Christian fiction, fine. Whatever floats your boat. Or maybe your interest lies in biographies or histories. Whatever. Others may prefer the classics, romance, westerns, or urban fantasy. That is entirely their prerogative. No two people enjoy exactly the same tastes. Even within genres peoples' tastes differ. I like romantic suspense, as well as paranormal thrillers and romances. Others prefer historical romance or romantica. Some prefer a "cozy" mystery, while others like a cutting edge sleuth who refuses to play by the rules. That's their choice. Not yours.

Here is another truth book banners seem to forget: If they are allowed to dictate what others can or cannot read, that means the reverse is also true, that people can then dictate what they can or cannot read. How would these so-called "Christians" feel were someone to say they could no longer read the Bible because it depicts rape, torture, sodomy, kidnapping, murder, fratricide, necromancy, genocide -- not to mention how erotic the Song of Solomon is? I'm thinking they wouldn't be quite so quick to decide what others could read.

Please pass the calamine lotion--I think I'm beginning to itch...

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Jana said...

There's no accounting for ignorant people. *shakes head*

In a completely unrelated bit of fluff; my word verification is "fabsock". LOL