Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are You a Cat or a Dog

Are you a Cat or a Dog Person

You scored 42.9%
Cat Person

As a cat person, you approach life with thoughtfulness. You are self-aware and have close friends who will be there for life. The subtleties and mysteries of the world intrigue you. Your ideal Friday night is good conversation or a movie you can't figure out the ending to. Your take-charge attitude sometimes meets with conflict, but you always surpass expectations when it comes to your work. You value intelligence, grace and independence, which is why a feline friend is best for you. A few famous cat lovers are Regis Philbin, Katie Couric and Jay Leno.


What Kind of Cat Would You Be?
(Or, What Kind of Dog)

Norwegian Forest Cat
The Norwegian Forest Cat is strong and independent. She is reserved with newcomers but blossoms in the company of old friends. Confidently defending what is hers, she does not like strangers in her territory. Her luxurious coat is a lot to handle, and necessity dictates regular upkeep. An amazing athlete, the Norwegian Forest Cat thrives on physical activity, and no leap is too great or prey too quick for her to tackle. This huntress is clearly queen of her domain!


Jana said...

Why am I not surprised?? hehehehe

Nina said...

LOL! I'm with Jana on this. Not surprised either. :)

Those tests were fun to do. The test could not decide if I am a dog person or a cat person so apparently I'm both. Here's what they said:

Since you are neither dog nor cat but somewhere in between, you sail through life on an even keel. You learn from your experiences but also have fun along the way. Your friends are a mixture of acquaintances and trusted pals who are equally happy at a block party or on a quiet evening walk. You frequently speak your mind but allow others to share their views, keeping disagreements at bay. You work hard but know when it is time to play and consider a wild game of basketball as much fun as a thoughtful game of scrabble. You frequently enjoy the best of both worlds, which is why you would be equally pleased with either pet in your home. A few famous examples of your type are Kim Basinger, George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker.

AND to top it off of course I had to check what kind of dog or cat I would be if I were one. Just like you did. And here are the test results:

Jack Russel Terrier. This pint-sized explorer is the Magellan of the canine world. Always ready for adventure, the Jack Russell Terrier is known to wander off at a moment's notice. Her life is never dull, and entertainment is key. Accepting in nature, she makes friends easily and is usually the center of attention wherever she goes. Her high energy and upbeat personality make the Jack Russell Terrier a fun-loving part of any family.

Or if I was a cat I'd be an ocicat (whatever that is)

The Ocicat is both playful and devoted. She may spring into action on a whim at any moment, or languidly pass an hour away in the lap of a loved one. The Ocicat is happiest with friends and struggles at being solitary for any period of time. Her exotic, no-fuss coat is a breeze to maintain, and looking her best comes easily. Inquisitive by nature, she gets into trouble from time to time. But any trouble is soon forgotten because she is off on a new adventure in a flash!

So... whatcha think? :)


Heather said...

Jana - You mean you weren't surprised that I'm a cat person? Darn! LOL

Nina - Hehe...thanks. I think your results suit you as well. You can be a homebody with the best of us, but like going out and partying with your friends too.