Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who Are You on True Blood

I can think of worse things to be than a shape shifter. *G*

You Are Sam

You are a bit of a mystery - both to others and even yourself.

You're still coming to grips with who you are. There are parts of yourself that you still need to accept.

You are a caring and protective person. You can't help but be concerned about the people you love.

You are a bit of a loner. You are still searching deep and meaningful connections in life.


Jana said...

Mine came back as Lafayette. Soooo not right. LOL

You are sassy, outspoken, and outrageous. You do what you feel like, not what you're told.
You are a bit of a schemer and a dreamer. You're always up to something, and it's often no good!

You can be a bit shady at times, but you're so charming that you get away with it. Usually.
You're not afraid of drama, and some may even claim you invite it in. No doubt about it, you live on the edge.

Heather said...

You wild woman you! ROFL... Okay, I can see the sassy, outspoken dreamer part but shady? You?? *snort*

Stewart Sternberg said...

Hi..curious here. As a fan of True Blood were you satisfied with this last episode, the one where Jason stood on top of a car pretending to be a god? Personally, it was a tremendous let down. I'm hoping there is some redemption in the next few episodes, because up until this last one, the season's been intriguing. Also....did you read the books? How close is the show hewing to the novels?

Heather said...

Stewart - Not having HBO, I haven't seen any of season two. I read the books and loved them, and did recently watch season one on DVD. I thought it started out pretty good, but did not like the direction the TV series took the last 3 or 4 episodes of season one. While the writers started out staying pretty true to the books (with some little changes), they went off on wild and weird tangents that really turned me off. Don't know if I will watch season two when it comes out on DVD.

As for Jason, in the books, he is far from religious and refuses to have anything to do with the so-called "church." Though he remains self-centered throughout, he is quick to defend Sookie against anyone connected with it, including and most esp. Arlene.

The writers also played up the drug use in the TV series ("V"); though the books mention it, none of the people of Bon Temps are actually said to use it. Jason's drug use, and his involvement with that weird chick and the "Church" are not a part of the books. That was all the TV series.

Though I never liked the character of Jason much in the books, he was never as big a jerk as they made him in the TV series. And while he never changes much in the books, his character did mature at least a little in the last book or two, and even then he still doesn't change much.