Monday, November 30, 2009

A Book Meme

Picked this up out there in the blogosphere--feel free to lift it for your own use (Jana!) . . .

Hardback, Trade Paperback or Mass Market Paperback?
I mostly prefere mass market, and not the oversized ones that are an inch taller than they should be. I will not buy an oversized mm as they won't fit on the shelf with my other books.

Waterstones, Borders or Amazon?
None of the above. We don't have a Waterstones (never even heard of them), Borders is too out of the way and nowhere near where I do the majority of my shopping, and I rarely buy off Amazon. Most of my books come from Barnes and Noble or local stores (Target, Wal-Mart, Woodman's).

Bookmark or Dog-Ear?
Ack! Bookmark, definitely. Dog-eared pages drive me crazy. Dog-ear one of my books (or use one for a coaster) and you'll never borrow another.

Alphabetize by Author, by Title or “Other”?
By author, and I usually tend to shelve books in order rather than by title, and I separate hardcovers from paperbacks.

Keep, Throw Away or Sell?
Generally, keep. Occasionally I will give one to a friend if I think someone else will really like something. Being in the process of looking for a new apartment, I did make the sacrifice of donating a couple boxes of old books. You do not know how much that hurt! And anyone who throws a book away when done ratehr than giving it away should be shot.

Keep Dust Jacket or Toss It?
Depends. I have some books without them, some that still have them. Guess it depends on how annoyed by it I am.

Read with Dust Jacket or Remove It?
Remove it. It only gets in the way and gets ruined.

Short Story or Novel?
Generally, novels. I will occasionally pick up an anthology of short stories/novellas if it includes an author I love, but very rarely.

Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket?
Harry Potter, no contest.

Buy or Borrow?
I buy most of the books I read, but occasionally exchange books with a friend or one of my sisters.

Buying Choice: Book Reviews, Recommendations or Browse?
I find most of my books by browsing the shelves or monthly newsletters. I tend not to read reviews, but will occasionally check out books recommended to me.

Tidy Ending or Cliffhanger?
A cliffhanger is okay if part of a series--it can whet your appetite for the next book in the series--so long as those loose threads are tied up in the next book.

Morning Read, Afternoon or Nighttime Read?
I read any time I can, but generally more in late afternoon and evening.

Stand-Alone or Series?

Favorite Series?
Kay Hooper's Bishop series, Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse, Johanna Lindsey's Mallory family...

Favorite Children’s Book?
Sophie and Gussie, sadly no longer in print (and my copy desintegrated eons ago, I read it that often), and Goodnight, Moon.

Favorite YA Book?
I haven't read any YA in ages -- well, except the Twilight series, which I did like -- but LOVED anything by Lois Duncan or Lois Lowry as a teen.

Favorite Book of Which Nobody Else Has Heard?
Witch of the Glen by Sally Watson.

Favorite Book(s) Read during the Last Year?
There were a lot of books I loved this year, but honestly cannot single out any one book.

Favorite Book to Re-Read?
I can't remember the last time I reread a book...probably not since college. Books I've read more than once include Mandy by Julie (Andrews) Edwards, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, The Ghosts by Antonia Barber (this book saved my butt when I had to write a paper on my least favorite poet, Yeats).

Do You Ever Smell Books?
Depends on where the book came from. New books, maybe. Used books, not if I can help it!

Do You Ever Read Primary Source Documents, Like Letters or Diaries?
Rarely. I'm not big on reading bios or autobiographies, so something like this would have to be on a subject that really interested me.

What Are You Reading Right Now?
He Sees You When You're Sleeping by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark

What Are You Reading Next?
As I am currently participating in the Christmas Reading Challenge, another Christmas-themed book, the title and genre of which depends on my mood. At top of the pile are: Marry-Me Christmas by Shirley Jump, A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote, Christmas Wishes by Betty Neels, The Gift by Nora Roberts, First Impressions by Nora Roberts, and The Present by Johanna Lindsey.


Alice Audrey said...

This looks really familiar. I could swear I'd done it, but can't remember when.

Heather said...

It's possible. Though I haven't seen this exact one before, I have seen variations on the same theme.

Miss Angie said...

I did the book Meme today! Thanks for sharing!

Jana said...

Okay.I took the hint and did it. It's up on the ol' blog today. ;-)

Heather said...

Angie - Checked yours out, we seem to share opinions on most things bookish!

Jana - Hey, you were the one moaning the other day about not having anything to post; I merely offered a suggestion. Hehe...