Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday 5: Grand Slam

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This week’s 5 honors the World Series (ack!).

1. According to the cliche, if you “spare the rod,” you “spoil the child.” Who in your life was probably spared A Rod while growing up? Definitely baby sis, and her youngest (spoiled ROTTEN by her paternal g'father) is just as bad.

2. In how many directions this week did you feel you were being Yanked? At least twenty.

3. On whom have you depended for relief this week? I guess we'll count the maintenance man here, who relieved me of a major leak under the kitchen sink.

4. Who deserves a standing ovation this week (or even a hip-hip Jorge)? Thing 2, who went to bat for me Wednesday when I got caught in the middle of a power struggle between Thing 1 and Thing 3. They turned a bad day to worse, so the pep talk was much appreciated.

5. When did you last have a taste of Champagne? New Year's Eve.


Alice Audrey said...

You have a maintenance man? Man, I want one of those. I've got some walls that need some work. Any maybe a roof that leeks.

Heather said...

You could always use those leeks in a salad. ;)

Seriously - having an on-site maintenance team is one of the few benefits of living in such a large apartment complex.