Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Reading Challenge, Update 1

The first week of the Christmas Reading Challenge has come and gone, and so far I am doing great at knocking books off the TBR list. My personal goal for the month is ten books, and I am already on number five. My choices have all been from different genres--contemporary fiction, mystery, romance and classic fiction--and on a whole, I've been quite pleased. All were good reads, not a single minute wasted on this set. The most recently finished, Capote's A Christmas Memory, also fulfills the 2009 Casual Classics Challenge, which was to read four classics. I have also officially exceeded 2009's goal of 75 books, as I am now on number 78. Below is what I read this week. Click on any cover to find out more about the book.


Hazel said...

A life filled with books is to me awesome. How I wish my lifestyle nowadays would allow me to have such luxury. Ah well, soon I hope.

Hi Heather, I'm dropping by to thank you for leaving the christmas song link on my Thursday post. Have a great week.

Latesha said...

Way to go! That's awesome. Looks like you might just hit 100 books by year's end. = )

Heather said...

Hazel ~ I hope you find a little time to enjoy a good book over the holiday season, and hope you enjoy the music link.

Latesha ~ I don't know about 100, but 85 is definitely within sight. *g*