Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Blog Awards

I've been a bit remiss the past couple of months in sharing a few blog awards. Please forgive me for being so tardy in posting these and for not following the "rules" attached to each, and accept my sincere gratitude. Thank you.

From Heather


From Missy:


From Alice:


Also from Alice:


Alice Audrey said...

Oops. Sorry, didn't mean to hit you twice in too short a time period.

Hey, if you feel like passing something like that mermaid along, I'm game.

Heather said...

S'okay, lol. I think they were about two months apart, I just had so much going on Dec-Jan that I was delinquent in posting these as they were awarded. Consider the Mermaid Award bestowed upon you, my friend!'ll have to see Missy's blog (link in post) for details, lol.

Alice Audrey said...

Gladly will I run off to Missy's. I've been drooling over that mermaid for a while now. Thanks!