Saturday, May 15, 2010

Celebrating 50 years

Today was the 50th Anniversary celebration of a friend's parents. We've been friends more than 20 years and our group is so close that we have always called each others' parents "Mom" and "Dad," and have been treated as part of their respective families.

In addition to ham and turkey, several salads, fruit and veggies, and brownies, there were two cakes. This one was a white cake with a "cream cheese mousse" filling and was soooo good. Very moist, and the frosting wasn't overly sweet as most tend to be. I'm exercising great will-power in not eating the piece that was sent home with me tonight.

There was also carrot cake, though most opted for the other.

Mom and Dad N.

Mom and Dad N with two of their three children (son was absent) and two of their four grandchildren (one was absent, the other left before pictures could be taken). My friend is center, in front of her husband.

Happy 50th, Mom and Dad N!


Latesha said...

Happy Anniversary to them! I'm always amazed when people manage to stay married for so long. Shows that there are those with staying power. Wish some celebrities would follow in their footsteps.

Heather said...

Ain't that the truth! 50 years seems more the exception than the norm these days. I don't know many couples who've been together even half that long. My paternal g'parents celebrated 50 yrs in 1965, and almost made it another ten togther (both died in 1973, only 7 months apart). My maternal great-g'parents also celebrated 50+ years together. I have pictures of both couples on their 50th. Maternal g'parents did not make it that long as grandfather died prematurely of a heart attack mid-1960s...not even 20 yrs together.

Alice Audrey said...

I'd have gone for the carrot cake. Or... maybe a little piece of each?

Major congrats to "Mom" and "Dad" on their anniversary.

Heather said...

Alice: I confess, the toasted almonds are what kept me from snagging a piece of carrot cake to take home. If you want to ruin a good cake, cookie or brownie, just add nuts. Yuk!

Jana said...

I want some of that cream cheese mousse cake! lol

And heck, I want some of that carrot caked, too. Toasted almonds and all. YUM!

Happy 50th to "Mom" and "Dad." It truly is a special occasion worthy of celebration. I hope they have a lot more years together.

Heather said...

Jana: Sorry, cake's all gone. I still have a few brownies, though. *WEG* I hope they are with us, together, for many more years as well.

Anonymous said...

My son is the same way about nuts. I'm actually used to making Tollehouse Chocolate Chip cookies without the nuts now.

Heather said...

Anonymous: As they should be made, LOL!