Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Thirteen 159: New-to-Me Authors

Thirteen new-to-me authors I have encountered so far this year. Some are relative newcomers to the published world, while others have been around a few decades.

01. Suzanne Collins (YA fantasy)

02. Benjamin Hoff (Nonfiction)

03. Heather Webber (Mystery)

04. Susan Stephens (Romance)

05. Dennis Lehane (Mystery/Thriller)

06. Marina Fiorato (Historical Fiction)

07. Rebecca Hale (Mystery)

08. Christy Evans (Mystery)

09. Dick Francis (Mystery)

10. Kate Collins (Mystery)

11. Sandra Cisneros (Fiction)

12. Annette Blair (Mystery)

13. Aaron Elkins (Mystery)

For the most part I enjoyed all of these authors and either have or will read them again. A couple were a little iffy, but I will probably read at least one more book by them before making a final decision. Benefit of the doubt, you know? *grin*

Have you encountered any new-to-you authors this year?

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Alice Audrey said...

These are all new to me, too. What do you think of them?

Robin L. Rotham said...

Wow, I hate to say it, but I've never heard of any of those either. But several of the authors on my last TT were new to me.

Adelle Laudan said...

Gregory Maguire. Not too long ago I found his book Wicked. A very talented author.

Happy T13!

Heather said...

Alice: For the most part I have enjoyed them. There were one or two books that were kind of "eh," but I will probably read at least one more book by those authors before making a final decision on them - you know, benefit of a doubt. Others I absolutely loved, such as Aaron Elkins and Kate Collins, both of whom have extensive backlists.

And yes, the vast majority have been cozy myteries. I've really been getting into the Berkley Prime Crime books this past year or so, most of which not only feature an amateur female sleuth, but a bit of romance and even some paranormal elements as well.

Heather said...

Robin: While I had heard of a few of these authors, I had not heard of most of them before joining GoodReads. I have a love/hate relationship with that site, LOL.

Heather said...

Adelle: Ohh...Wicked! I've been meaning to ask my sister if I could borrow her copy. I've heard a lot of rave reviews. Plus, the show is coming to town this fall. Would love to attend, but if I can't afford to see it, at least I can read it. *g*

Shelley Munro said...

Heather Webber is a new discovery for me too. I really enjoyed her mystery.

Brenda ND said...

I just found David Fulmer. He writes mysteries about Storyville, New Orleans. The setting and characters are incredibly vivid and interesting.

Babette James said...

Most of those I've not read, but I love Dick Francis.

colleen said...

I just finsihed commenting on another bloggers post that I like Dennis Lehane because his books are set around Boston, places I know. I only see his movies though. I like reading nonfiction best and a good thriller via a movie.

Elise Logan said...

you're on a bit of a mystery kick, aren't you?

If you're looking for mystery and haven't tried Carol O'Connell, do.

Not much in the way of new authors for me. I've been in dissertation lock-down, so my reading is curtailed.

Darla M Sands said...

So much to read, so little time. Just this year I got into Mel Keegan, Josh Lanyon, Sean Michael, and Claire Thompson. Happy TT! I have a very different list on my blog

Kristen said...

I am anxiously awaiting Suzanne Collins' next book. I started reading Dick Francis through Reader's Digest Condensed books. He's been around for decades. I will have to check out some of the others on your list. Bloggers have recommended some of my favorite books.

Paige Tyler said...

I've heard of Dick Francis, but not any of the others. They're new to me, too!


My TT is at

Inez Kelley said...

I have read a few new authors but sadly none impressed me enough to remember them.

hmsgofita said...

Most of those are new to me too! I'll have to check some out!

Alice Audrey said...

If it has romance, I always get more interested. :)

Heather said...

Shelley: I enjoyed Truly, Madly enough that I've started looking for Webber's earlier Nina Quinn series. I've heard it's really good.

Brenda: Adding Fulmer to my (evergrowing) list of authors to check out. Thanks! *g*

Babette: I'd seen Dick Francis books in stores for years and regret not having got round to trying them sooner. But hey--with such an extensive backlist, I'll be enjoying his books for many years!

Heather said...

Colleen: Shutter Island was the first book I've read by Dennis Lehane, but probably won't be the last. I have seen a few of the movies based on his books, but not this one...yet.

Elise: I've always loved mysteries, so have really come full circle in my reading. Romantic suspense and cozies with a bit of a romantic interest fit my tastes perfectly. Adding O'Connell to the list to check out. Thanks!

Heather said...

Darla: Have not heard of any of the authors you mentioned, so will definitely have to look into them. And you're right--there's never enough time to read all the books we want to, more's the pity. *sigh*

Kristen: I am impatiently awaiting Mockingjay as well, and hope it does not disappoint. Though I've seen Dick Francis books around for ages, I've actually a bit surprised I haven't tried him sooner. His books seem like the type my dad would have liked, but don't recall him ever reading him.

Heather said...

Paige: Well then, happy to introduce you to a few new authors. Try Suzanne Collins. I have a feeling you might like her.

Inez: Ugh! I find that authors usually leave either a good or bad impression, but to leave none at all is probably worse than leaving a bad one.

Heather: Long time no see, lol! Hope you find a few new authors to enjoy!

Alice: Yeah, I much prefer a bit of romance over a lot of blood and gore in my mysteries and thrillers. *G*

kaye said...

fun idea. Since I started following book blogs I've read a lot of new authors. It's been very fun.

Tatiana Caldwell said...

Unfortunately, I haven't heard of anyone on your list. I've been spending most of my reading time on my favorite authors - something I'm looking to change soon, though.

Great idea for a list.

Heather said...

Kaye: Yes, I've picked up a few new books/authors from blog rounds, too. LOL

Tatiana: I need to spend more time catching up with some of my favorite authors. I've done a lot fo catching up on Johanna Lindsey this year, I think I need to pick an author to devote next year too as well. *g*

CountryDew said...

All of those authors are new to me, I think.

Sasha Devlin said...

I haven't discovered many new authors this year because I've been writing more than reading.

But I know some of these! And I love Suzanne Collin's Gregor series. Most ppl know The Hunger Games, but the Gregor books are AMAZING.

Jennifer Leeland said...

I love Dick Francis, but I don't know most of these.

Heather said...

Anita: I admit, I had not heard of some of these before joining GoodReads. Suzanne Collins, for instance.

Sasha: I have heard the Gregor are good, just haven't taken the plunge. My TBR pile already towers above me, lol.

Jennifer: I definitely plan to read more Dick Francis. I really liked the one I read in May.

Alice Audrey said...

I like a bit of procedural and some cozy, but the more mainstream anything I read is, the more impatient I get.

Janice said...

I haven't heard of these writers. Nice of you to list them.

Happy TT.

A. Catherine Noon said...

What a fun list! Thank you for sharing it!