Friday, September 03, 2010

Storm clouds

This is what the sky looked like as I was walking home about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. I just made the three blocks up the hill (a very steep hill, mind you!) and inside before the downpour hit. Whew!

While yesterday started out gray and overcast, it was warm (we hit a high of 80F) and the sun did eventually come out for a few hours in the afternoon, before those clouds featured above rolled through.

Today? Gray, cloudy, gloomy, windy and cold. Seriously. I was glad I'd worn long sleeves but was wishing I'd grabbed a jacket on my way out the door this morning. Our high today is only supposed to be 65F. We were at 90 only a few days ago. Fall is definitely in the air!


Alice Audrey said...

No offense, but I'm so glad I'm home now. No more wet tent for me.

Heather said...

Be glad you weren't here this week -- we had three consecutive days of rain. Dry today, but chilly and windy again. At least a remembered a sweatshirt when I left the house today.

Jana said...

Glad you missed getting drenched! Enjoy the cooler temps, hon, and just be thankful it's not snowing yet! hehehehe

Heather said...

You just had to say the "S" word, didn't you? *Shiver*