Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November Storms

To say this month's weather has been weird would be an understatement, with fluxuating temperatures from one extreme to another. For example, it was a mere 32F and windy last Saturday. The next day was 55F and no wind. Monday was near 60 with severe thunderstorms and—of all things—a tornado watch in the afternoon. In November! And then the temp dropped back down to 30 again for Tuesday. Today? Another cold and blustery one with overcast skies and a rain/snow mix moving in. Yuck!

Below is a series of photos taken Monday as a storm passed over us. It always makes me a bit uneasy when you can see the sun shining through such heavy storm clouds. In between the third and fourth pics we had a brief barage of rain and hail, but most of the severe stuff just missed us. There were tornadoes reported in Racine County to our east and another down in Walworth County, as well as one near where my sister lives, just over the border in Illinois. Not the kind of weather we are used to in November. The current winter weather advisory for northern and central Wisconsin is more the norm this time of year. Not that I'm in any hurry to see snow...

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Beth F said...

Lovely photos. Storms maybe scary but they demand the camera.