Thursday, November 04, 2010

Thursday Thirteen 177: Random

A totally random thirteen for this week.
1. I have plenty of ideas for Thursday Thirteen posts, but for some reason or another, they never seem to get done.

2. The reason one post didn't get done is because pictures I wanted to use to help illustrate it seem to be MIA. Okay, I know I've taken pictures of certain...things. So where are they? Besides not on my computer. I could go back to get knew ones, but darn it, it’s getting cold out there! (That ought to leave you wondering, eh? Hehe)

3. I’ve not been sleeping very well again lately. This means I get a lot of reading done in the dead of night, but am constantly tired and achy. Okay, and maybe a bit irritable and impatient at times, too. Just a little. Really.

4. This post from Peter's blog caught my attention this week. You romance writers and romantics will want to check it out. Trust me.

5. I don’t know about anyone else in the US, but I am sooo glad the political ad season is over—at least for another five months or so. It never truly seems to end, does it?

6. Since I’m only a mile from where I go to vote, I walked there and back. I waited until the temp rose above freezing. Even then, despite wearing a heavy scarf and winter coat, my neck ached the rest of the day from the cold. Which meant trouble getting to sleep. Again.

7. On the bright side, at least it was only “slightly breezy” this week instead of the 60-80 mph gusts (that's hurricane force winds, people!) we had last Tuesday and Wednesday.

8. Thankfully it was “warm” (about 50F), sunny and no wind at all Sunday for the “Lost City” tour at the Arboretum. I wrote this post on the “Lost City” a couple months ago.

9. My other big plan for Halloween was watching The Sixth Sense. Living in a security locked building, I saw no trick-or-treaters, only dead people. Personally, I much prefer the ghosts.

10. In addition to The Sixth Sense, I’ve also had a Harry Potter marathon of late, watching all six of the movies on DVD to date. Have to get ready for HP 7.1, you know.

11. Since I don’t care (okay, intensely despise) horror movies, I also had to watch one of my favorite episodes of Psych, Season three: "Tuesday the 17th," which spoofs Friday the 13th.

12. What is it about cold weather that makes one feel like baking? Last week it was a small pan of fudge brownies. This week it was a devils’ food chocolate cake. So as to avoid temptation and not eat it all in one sitting, I froze half of it for later.

13. Food is definitely one of the best things about fall, among them: Pumpkin muffins at the grocery store, pumpkin pie blizzards at Dairy Queen, and Edy’s pumpkin ice cream. YUM!

Dang, now I want ice cream.

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Alice Audrey said...

Where's the link to Peter's blog? I'm curious.

Shelley Munro said...

I was curious too and looked for the link. Is it my imagination or has winter come quickly at your place this year?

Hazel said...

I'm excited about Harry Potter too. It hits theaters here on the 19th. Hope you sleep well again soon.

i beati said...

#12 I found myself making peanut butter cookies middle of night and yesterday juicing- winter +cooking for sure

Stephanie Bennett/Adkins said...

I'm with you on the election. I'm SO glad it's over! I love me some Harry Potter. We had an HP marathon here a couple of weeks ago, and we're all anxiously waiting for Deathly Hallows to debut. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Pumpkin Spiced Lattes at Starbucks! (And now Eggnog Lattes are out again - I'm in heaven)

Brenda ND said...

Lots of good ideas. You've inspired me. I'm going to have to check out Peter's blog. :) And try pumpkin ice cream. Happy TT!

colleen said...

I love the stream of consciousness. Loved the 6th Sense and hate the political season of ads but I especially hate that we lost our good congressman after 28 years.

I am Harriet said...

I always have those great T-13 ideas when it's not Thursday it seems.

Have a great day!

kandyblossom said...

AMEN to #5!

I have been looking for pumpkin ice cream for weeks. Nowhere to be found in this itty bitty town. GGRRRR!

Can't wait for the new Harry Potter movie!

Paige Tyler said...

Love Psych! And Pumpkin Ice Cream! Edy's is the best!


Heather said...

Alice: ACK! I swear it was there when I went to bed. It was. Honest. Okay, fixed. It better not disappear again.

Shelley: We had quite the Indian Summer in early October, even hit a new record high of 81 one day, and then BAM! it got cold fast. At least the heat is working now.

Harriet: Friends and I are looking forward to HP as well. We're supposed to watch the last two movies together before we see the new one.

Heather said...

i Beati: I'm glad the baking thing isn't just me!

Stephanie: I think most of the country is breathing a huge sigh of relief. It's almost safe to watch the news and listen to the radio again. lol

Sam: Ugh! Sorry, I don't do coffee. Yuck. But I did forget the pumpkin pie concrete mixers and shakes at Culvers. ;-)

Brenda: Peter's Paris blog is one of my favorites. Only problem is, he makes me wish I was there. *g*

Heather said...

Colleen: Thanks. Here, I was impressed that people kept our congresswoman, but the idiots ousted one of the best senators in the nation for an idiot corporate yes-man.

Harriet: Yes, I often get great ideas, then either forget to write them down or forget to flesh them out until Wednesday night. Oops...

Kandyblossom: Gasp! No pumpkin ice cream anywhere? How dare they! Hope you get your fix soon! *g*

Paige: I thought you might approve of the Psych episode. Shawn and Gus are always good for a laugh.

Lori said...

Since I'm more of a sweet potato fan, than I am of pumpkin, your #13has me thinking. I wonder if all of those yummy items (ice-cream, muffins and DQ Blizzards) are available in sweet potato. If so, I'm in! :-)

Anne said...

Now I'm craving for chocolate cake and ice cream. Where is Dairy Queen when I needed one? They don't have a branch here in Malaysia. =(

CountryDew said...

I am so glad the political ads are over I could turn cartwheels, if, that is, I could actually turn cartwheels, which I cannot!

Heather said...

Lori: You might be able to find sweet potato muffins, but ice cream? That doesn't even sound good! lol

Anne: No DQ in dare they? *g*

Anita: ROFL...I know the feeling!

Marita said...

Nothing like a bit of sleep deprivation to kill the brain cells. Hope you get more sleep soon.

My Thursday 13

{S.T.U.F.F.} said...

# 9 has me ROFL!

...I'm going to have to sale my house...

Heather said...

Marita: Thanks, I hope so too. Unfotunately, last night was the worst for this week. Trouble falling asleep, then woke about every hour. I am sooo tired this morning it's not even funny, and it's one of those days where anything that can go wrong is.

Stuff: Hehe...glad you liked. *g*

Alice Audrey said...

I want to do that #4 thing. So romantic.

Heather said...

I thought you might like! *VBG*