Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Surfing Barbie Cake

Here is a look at the cake my sister made my niece for her birthday. The Bug wanted a surfboard cake--in the actual shape of a surfboard riding the waves. My sister compromised by finding images online, printing and cutting them out, and mounting them on the cake with toothpicks. Swedish Fish (the gummy candy) were added to top of the cake, and on top of the vanilla cupcakes (because some people don't like chocolate...rolls eyes). My niece, being the easy-going girl she is, was pleased with this arrangement.


Alice Audrey said...

I like the toothpick Happy Birthday too. I'd have done it in icing.

Heather said...

Those aren't toothpicks, dearheart, they're candles. My niece didn't want her name or "happy birthday' written directly on the cake, don't ask me why.

Alice Audrey said...

Mine have occasionally complained about my cake decorating handwriting. Sometimes "day" gets scrunched.