Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Thursday Thirteen 209: Books I Need to Read

I usually prefer to own the books on my TBR pile. There are no pressures that way to read something right away, whether you are in the mood for it or not. Occasionally, however, I will borrow books from a friend or my sister/BIL. Some books I have actually requested, while others were foisted upon me. Looking at the TBR pile, I really need to get to the following so that I can finally return them to their respective owners. As always, click on any cover for a description of the book.

1. Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts (Friend) -- Requested, plan on reading this month
2. Death's Excellent Vacation by Charlaine Harris et al (Friend) -- Um...I've now had this one a year. Oops.
3. Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost (Friend) -- actually, I have books 4 and 5 of the Night Huntress Series, plus books 1 and 2 of the Night Huntress World
4. The Gift of Murder, an anthology of short mysteries (Sister/BIL)
5. Heat Wave by Richard Castle (Friend)
6. Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson (Sister/BIL) -- Books 1-3 of the series
7. The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (BIL) -- He brought me books 2-4, but not book 1. Sigh...
8. The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly (Sister)
9. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (Sister) -- So long as I get it read before the movie comes out, I'm good. It's said to be "in production," but no release date as yet.
10. The Third Secret by Steve Berry (Sister) -- I think this was based on our reading of the Dan Brown books
11. The Valcourt Heiress by Catherine Coulter (Friend) -- Book 7 of a series; book 6 was out way back in 2002.
12. What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman (Sister/BIL) -- Requested because I wanted to try some of her single title books and this one sounds good.
13. Wicked by Gregory Maguire (Sister) -- She might get this one back. Might. *g* And no, I have NOT seen the musical, though I really wanted to when it was in town last fall.

Have you borrowed a book recently that you need to finish and return? Or, is there a book that you've recently flung at a friend or family member with the admonition that they must read it?

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Xakara said...

No, no, can't add to my TBR pile. Must. Look. Away.

I really liked 9, need to get 3, have 5 somewhere and can't wait to see how that turned out, I'm very interested in 13, so tell me how it was, and I'm decidely running away from the others because I can't afford it!

Happy TT,

13 Smileys

Shelley Munro said...

I haven't read a single one of these, but I'd like to :)

CountryDew said...

The Lost Symbol was pretty good. You have some good titles in this pile. But I have a huge pile of books of my own that I fear I will never get to!

I am Harriet said...

Thank goodness for summer reading :)

Have a great Thursday!

Heather said...

Xakara: LOL...believe me, I know your pain. My TBR pile is big enough without borrowing from other people. I think some of these will be fairly fast reads once I get to them.

Shelley: Wow, not even one?

Anita: You know what's funny about The Lost Symbol is, when they got it, my sister asked if I wanted to borrow it when they were done, then a year later when I asked about it for a 5th or 6th time said, "Oh, you wanted to borrow that one?" Doh!

Harriet: Amen! *G*

Darla M Sands said...

I wish I could read instead of going to the evil day job. Haven't borrowed or lent anything in a while but a friend is planning to give me something that should be interesting. It's some kind of positive thinking self help tome that's supposed to be funny but I can't recall the name (sigh - typical, forgetful me). Happy reading!

Heather said...

Darla: Don't you hate it when the evil day job gets in the way of your reading or writing?

Paige Tyler said...

Can't believe you have Heat Wave on there! Too funny!


Brenda ND said...

Good books. I've read The Lincoln Lawyer and The Lightning Thief but I'm eying the others you've listed and considering adding to my TBR pile.

Suzanna said...

I'll admit I loved the first half of Wicked, but then lost interest in the middle section and stopped reading. I should have pressed on because that was a while back and I now have no interest in going back to it.

I bought The Lightning Thief (as well as the rest of the series) for my daughters and hope to get to it as well. So many books, so little time!

Norma said...

I don't think I have any borrowed or loaned, but then I'm a librarian (retired). Do you have a plan--this is really ambitious.

Janice said...

I've been curious about Wicked, but haven't read it yet.


Maddy Barone said...

I've read the Lightning Thief (I enjoyed it) and the Jeaniene Frost (Loved it. I have the Richard Castle but haven't read it yet. Looks like you have some good readingahead of you this sumer.

Payton Bradshaw said...

I so want Heat Wave. Rick Castle/Nathan Fillon...YUM!

Happy TT

colleen said...

That's a pretty heft summer reading list. I haven't read any of those myself.

Jennifer Leeland said...

The Lighting Thief is good! And I haven't read a bunch of these.
There really is a Richard Castle? LOL!!!!