Friday, September 30, 2011


Hey gang!

Just checking in from work with a brief update on my communication woes. The problem seems to be even bigger than I imagined, and seems related to the "landscaping" they are doing behind our building. The work was only supposed to take one week, and it's now been more than a month.

I am NOT happy with office staff right now. When I stopped in Wednesday evening and mentioned having trouble with my phone, neither person to whom I spoke told me others were experiencing the same problems. Then yesterday I was talking with a couple of neighbors and found out that not only are people having trouble with the phone, but some are also experiencing cable problems as well. In fact, with all the rain we've had the last week, the cable box has been flooded.

The company doing the landscaping has apparently caused other property damage as well, including cracking the facade of the back side of the building, breaking at least one window ledge, damaging at least two air conditioners, and causing the power in our building to flicker at least three times during the past month (thankfully, it came back on right away, but it does make you wonder about this company).

Never mind the HUGE inconvenience for the past month to tenants.

What makes me mad is that management is not owning up to the problems. A conscientious manager would let tenants know that they are aware of issues and would take care of them, but no--that is not the case. They are not admitting anything. I do not like paying for services I cannot use, and tenants should not have to pay to fix what they did not break--right?

Anyway, while I cannot make or receive calls (it hangs up if I try to answer), I can at least hear it ring in now. I suppose that's something, anyway. If someone is supposed to be stopping by or is picking me up to go out, they can at least let the phone ring so I know they are there, or are five minutes out, depending upon what we prearrange.

Hopefully this entire frustrating saga will be resolved soon. As is, I have half a mind to deduct the cost of my next phone bill from the rent.


JenMarie said...

Geez. If you would have had the phone company send someone out and they found out it was something related to your landlord, they may have charged you!

This really stinks. I hope it all works out.

Jana said...

Ugh! That managment sucks! Isn't there someplace you could report them to? There's got to be something that can be done to correct their shoddy managment.

Hope it gets resolved sooner rather than later. Annoyance aside, it's not really all that safe to not have access to a phone. You know, 911 purposes alone, render phones necessary. It would be one thing if it were just yours. Worst case scenario, you could rely on a neighbor in an emergency. But if most of the folks in your building are having issues as well, you're all up a creek without a paddle.

Here's to maybe finding a better place soon!

Heather said...

JenMarie: Yes, that is the thing that worries me about calling the phone company about it, that they might try to charge me for damages caused by a third party.

Jana: I tried finding the company that owns the complex, but had no luck. If push comes to shove, there's always Tenant Resources. And like you say, I don't like being without a phone in case of emergency. I know the neighbor's phone directly across the hall works (though they have had trouble with their cable), but no idea who else is suffering, whose phone is working. It seems to be rather hit and miss.

Alice Audrey said...

All this, and now it's gobbling up my comments too. Sigh.

Heather said...

Alice: You posted a comment here that disappeared? Are you sure it wasn't on a previous post?