Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Thursday Thirteen 221: Recently Read



* The Bride Collector was a good up-all-night-turning-the-pages thriller. Seriously. It kept me up until 4am one night.

* As you can see, there was a mini-VLT marathon. It started with the last two books in her latest Sons of Chance cowboy trilogy. The last book included a free reprint of her first Blaze, Notorious, which was actually Branscom Sisters #2 and necessitated me digging through the TBR pile for Midnight Fantasies, which contained Branscom Sisters #1, before I could read the other. These books also fit a September reading challenge: read the oldest book in your TBR pile. While they may not be the oldest, they have been there ten years now. Oops.

* Death by Diamonds was also for the September reading challenge: read a book with a rock in the title or on the cover (it features both). It then prompted me to read The Accidental Witch trilogy by Annette Blair.

* Sense and Sensibility was one of the October group reads for TNBBC at GoodReads.

* Earlene Fowler was the October featured author in the Cozy Mystery group at GoodReads.

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Hazel said...

Wowoweeee! Sense and Sensibility! Love its image too. I wish I had all the time to read this many books from time to time.

Xakara said...

Nice list! I wish I had a recently read list. *sigh*

Happy T13,

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CountryDew said...

You have been busy. I'm reading old detective novels for a class. Some good, some not so much.

Brenda ND said...

The Bride Collector sounds like one I should read. It's spooky enough for this month. Thanks and I'm glad you're back on line.

colleen said...

You sure do love to read, and pick apples? I'm still trying to get through Carl Jung's memoirs.

Alice Audrey said...

I like a lot of the titles. At one point I tried to write for Blaze and read a fair amount of them. Then Harlequin changed up their lines and policies and I quit.

Heather said...

Hazel: I love the cover of my edition of S&S. Half Proce Books got in a ton of differnt classics with this style cover at one time--brand new books at 1/3 the original price--and I snapped up a bunch of different titles.

And I have always been a voracious reader. I read on the bus and every night before bed. Sometimes in the middle of night, too, if I have trouble sleeping.

Xakara: It's all about making the time. *g* ;-)

Anita: Yes, I saw the list of some of the books you are reading that you posted a couple weeks ago. I posted a comment, but when I went back to check the post, my comment had disappeared. Have you read The Maltese Falcon yet? I loved both the book and movie.

Heather said...

Brenda: If you like books about serial killers, definitely give The Bride Collector a go. The scenes where we climbed into the killer's POV seriously creeped me out.

Colleen: Yes, lol, I love to read and pick apples. We have been making an annual trip to Eplegaarden's orchard with my youngest niece for five years now. She starts asking about it 'round the end of August.

Alice: I know a lot of people who were writing for one line or another before Harl/Sil changed all the guidelines. Even a lot of multi-pubbed authors found they no longer fit in the line for which they'd been writing for years.

Jana said...

Yay!! So glad you got your phone line back and INTERNET!! ;-)

I am Harriet said...

Wow- you've been busy!
Happy reading!

Have a great day!

Shelley Munro said...

I've read some of the Annette Blair ones, but that's all. The Victoria Laurie one looks interesting. I think I've read some of her other books. I'm glad you're back online.

Maggie Nash said...

YAY! Glad you're back H! Great books! I remember reading...I used to do it once :-)

Kimberly Menozzi said...

So much reading, so little time - whether online or off! LOL! It looks like you had some interesting choices, though.

Happy (belated) TT!

Heather said...

Jana: Thank you - I am sooo glad to have phone and internet at home again.

Harriet: I do try. *g*

Shelley: I'm reading another Annette Blair trilogy now. I really liked Victoria Laurie's first "Psychic Eye" book, but am on the fence about the other series. I will probably search out the second, just to see where the series goes.

Heather said...

Maggie: Thanks, I'm glad to have full access again. Here's hoping you get time to read again soon--I know you've been busy, what with selling the house and moving and all.

Kimberly: Rats! I never got back to look at the books you brought home from the States. I was trying to look at that post the day my phone and internet went down. Must get back over there...