Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thursday Thirteen 228: Haven't We Seen This Before?

Apparently, they really can't come up with anything NEW in Hollyweird. While recently browsing upcoming releases, I noted that there are A LOT of remakes or sequels coming our way. Here is a list of some of those that will soon be hitting theaters, or are already there.

Avatar 2 (2014)
Terminator Retribution
Matrix Reborn (#4)
Jurassic Park 4
Resident Evil 5
Ghost Rider 2
Iron Man 3
Conan the Barbarian (remake)
Happy Feet 2 (out now)
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Amityville (remake)
The Lorax (remake)
American Pie: Reunion

Personally? I cannot say that any of these interest me. What do you think of movie remakes and endless sequels?

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Hazel said...

Not very interested either, although I might be with MI: Ghost Protocol, Amityville and American pie.

Ron. said...

Sadly, once a vendor (whether it's Hollywood or anything else) notes our interest in anything, they beat us over the head with it until we show signs of overkill, & start buying less of it. Only then do they move on. It's pathetic.

Caridad Pineiro said...

So tired of them already. Can't they think of anything original.

Lady Rose said...

I liked ghost rider - but not sure it can stand up to a second one

i beati said...

rarely are they any good sometimes the children's films but they are so high tech and over the edge that the story premise seems to be missing?

Heather said...

Hazel: I have not seen any of the three you mentioned. Two because they did not appeal to me, one because I don't do horror.

Ron: Pathetic and, unfortunately, very true. Which is why they continue to hit us over the heads with all the reality crap on TV.

Heather said...

Caridad: I'm with you all the way. It especially irritates when they remake a film that had nothing wrong with it to begin with, othe than that some idiot director thought the original felt "dated." Hello, a movie is supposed to reflect the time period during which it was made or set. Movies they should have left alone include "Miracle on 34th Street" and "Rear Window." I also hate when they colorize B&W movies.

Heather said...

Rose: That's the problem with so many of thee sequels, they're just more of the same senseless (often plotless) stuff from the first movie. Few sequels stand up to the first.

i beati: Yes, sometimes it seems like a sequel is only a vehicle for showing off the latest in special effects and the plot, if there ever was one, gets lost along the way.

Alice Audrey said...

Happy Feet deserves a 2? Gah.

Jana said...

Yuck. Not interested, either. I don't understand the whole remake concept--especially for movies (like Footloose) that were released in my lifetime.

Sequels? I depends on the movie. But rarely do sequels ever work out as well as the orginal.

Although I admit it...I've seen and loved all 4 Scream movies. lol

CountryDew said...

Oh my. I had not paid attention. You're right, there is nothing new going on in Hollywood. I personally am looking forward to the release of The Hobbit in 2012 but it's a long way off.

Heather said...

Alice: Yup, and it's in theaters now. In fact, a friend of mine was mad because "Happy Feet 2" was in the IMAX and "Breaking Dawn Part 1" wasn't.

Jana: I hear ya, although that last point of yours makes me want to...scream. ;-)

Anita: I would also like to see "The Hobbit" next year. I just picked up the complete LOTR trilogy for $6 and am looking forward to watching them all again. There are a couple other books hitting the big screen I'd like to see in 2012, including "The Hunger Games" and "The Lost Symbol."

Bethanne said...

yeah.. wow. I didn't realize how awful it had gotten. Sequels are typically NOT as good. The Brave Little Toaster is the perfect example!! Great first movie. Fun, witty, heartfelt. The second movie was big fat DUMB.

My kids want Cars 2 for Christmas. I'll probably get it for them. But I'm not gettting my hopes up.

Heather said...

Bethanne: I did not know there was a sequel to , lol. My one niece loved the original when she was little. I think Disney is probably one of the worst with the sequel and remake thing because they know parents with kids will cave, no matter how good or bad the sequels are.

Alice Audrey said...