Saturday, January 14, 2012


Winter has finally arrived, and boy has it ever! Not only does it now look like winter, it feels like it, too. Since the end of November we've been experiencing above-normal temperatures, with highs of 40-50F and almost no snow. It was 51F here Tuesday, 50F on Wednesday. That night, though, the temperature started to drop fast. The high Thursday was only 23F, with windchills in the teens. Friday's high was 19F.

Wednesday evening a winter weather advisory was issued for our area from 6am Thursday until 6am Friday. Whoo-hoo! The first official storm of the season was finally on its way! Not only was it going to be cold and windy, they were predicting 5-6 inches of snow for our area.

The snow started to fall sometime after midnight, in the wee hours of the morning. By the time people were up and on their way to work, it was really coming down, and fell steadily throughout the day.

I had to take a break midday Thursday and step outside to get a few pictures at work, knowing I would get home far too late to get any snow pics that night.

I love that there was a gust of wind just as I snapped this pic, so you can see it swirling off the corner of the building. Kind of makes you shiver, doesn't it?

At least the trees no longer look drab and boring, sugar-coated in fresh new snow.

Offocial snow total for our area was 5.4 inches -- more than doubling our snow total thus far. The biggest snowfall we'd had prior to this was around 2 inches. We had flurries this morning and into early afternoon, and there is a chance for more flurries or light snow Saturday. Cold temps persist at least through next week. Looks like my winter boots are finally going to get a bit of use this year!


Alice Audrey said...

We're still waiting for a good snowfall. By this time last year we were sick of shoveling snow. This year I've only shoveled once, though it would have been good to have done it a second time. Just couldn't bring myself to run the snow shovel over such a little skiff of snow.

Hard to imagine you not getting any.

SusanB-knits said...

Beautiful pictures! We had 3 inches but it was melted and gone by noon the next day. And then it warmed up and today was in the 70s!? I'd rather have cold weather for a while.

Heather said...

Alice: Yeah, we were sick of it already by this time the last four years. Now both the cold and snow have arrived and seem to be settling in for a while. I don't mind the little bit of snow, but am not fond of below freezing temperatures, especially those that dip into the single digits or lower.

Heather said...

Susan: That's what happened to us back in November. We had two inches of snow and the next day it was completely gone. We have had a very "mild" winter, for us, with temps shifting between 30 and 50 all of December and up to last week, with few days in the 20s. Very abnormal.

Alice Audrey said...

I don't like the cold either. Around here it sometimes gets too cold to snow. I hate that.

Heather said...

There's actually no such condition as being "too cold" to snow. Whether it precipitates or not depends on the amount of moisture in the air. Whether that precipitation takes on the form of rain or snow depends on how cold it is.