Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thursday Thirteen 249: Recently Read

Time for another edition of Recently Read!

Mid-way and I am almost halfway to my 2012 goal of reading 100 books. I have been fluctuating between three and seven books ahead of my goal. I like building a cushion with a few fast, fun, easy reads before tackling a book that might take a bit longer to read. Longer doesn't necessarily mean a book isn't as good as any other, just that it reads a bit slower, or that "real life" intruded during its reading. As always, click on the cover for more information of any book featured below.

Many of these have been featured for Teaser Tuesday. You can read my excerpts of them here.

* Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford was an April group read for TNBBC at GoodReads. Highly recommend it for those who enjoy fiction set during WWII.

* The Descendants by Kaui Hart Hemmings is an April group read for TNBBC. I have not yet seen the movie, though I would like to.

* Heather Webber was the Cozy Mysteries featured author for April. I had read the first book in her "Lucy Valentine" series when it came out, and was glad to catch up on the last two print novels (a fourth is due out in ebook form this month.

* Lorna Barrett is the Cozy Mysteries featured author for May. I read book one of the "Booktown" series ages ago, and had the second and third books in Mount TBR. Did not like book two as much as hoped, still need to read book three before end of month.

* The Lincoln Lawyer is another book-to-movie, and was on loan from my sister. It was my first Michael Connelly, but certainly not the last. Though I have not yet seen the movie, Matthew McConaughey seems well-suited for the role of Mickey, just based on the fact I could hear his voice in my head as I read this. NOT necessarily a bad thing, believe me. ;-)

* I received Deeper Than the Dead in the mail from Alice Audrey. I loved this book and am now on a mission to hunt down the second and third books in the "Oak Knoll" series.

* Patricia Briggs is another new-to-me author recently discovered. Have read the first two "Mercy Thompson" books, Moon Called and Blood Bound, and have the next four on loan from a friend, plus the first two in her "Alpha & Omega" series.

* Marshall Cook is a local author and former English professor at the UW. I read the first two books in his "Monona Quinn" series years ago, and had Twin Killing in the TBR pile almost as long. Still have book four somewhere in Mount TBR, too. Really must get to that some day...


Have you read anything good recently that you would recommend to people? Have you seen either The Descendants or The Lincoln Lawyer--and if so, what did you think of them?

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Shelley Munro said...

I've recently read Maggie Stiefvater's young adult werewolf series. Amazing! I couldn't put them down.

I read the first Lucy Valentine book and enjoyed it. I need to catch up with the series.

CountryDew said...

What a great list. I haven't read anything good lately - read some bad things! So no recommendations from me this time.

Alice Audrey said...

Usually when a book takes me longer to read, that means it got shuffled down in the rotation of different books I have going in favor of ones I enjoy more. However, I'm enjoying Michner, even if it is taking me a full year to read.

Heather said...

Shelley: I've heard a lot of good thing's about Stiefvater's series. May have to check those out!

Anita: Thank you! Sorry to hear you haven't read anything noteworthy lately.

Alice: See, I'm a one-book-at-a-time type. Maybe it's leftover angst from college, where I was often juggling and struggling to read multiple books at once. Sometimes I might also have a nonfic - usually an anthology of short stories or essays - going at the same time, but that is rare.

Hazel said...

I was attracted to Stitch Me... and... never mind ;) The only stuff I've read lately are students' exams. Wish I could get back to reading mode, I mean books, soon.

Heather said...

Hazel: Stitch Me Deadly is book two in that series. There are two more out that I have not yet read, but I do like that series.

Nicola O. said...

I love to see other book-related T-13s! I mostly read romance so I don't know if my recs would work for you. My favorite recent read was "I Kissed an Earl" by Julie Ann Long. Very fun and only $1.99 for the kindle ed. this month.

Heather said...

Nicola: Thanks for the recommendation. I saw that on a Teaser Tuesday post recently and it did look good. Thanks for visiting!