Monday, October 29, 2012

Random Photo: Gourds in rain-drenched leaves

I certainly hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine? It was so-so. On the upside, it was sunny and not a drop of rain in the forecast, as was the case when the above photo was taken two weeks ago. On the downside, it was COLD. We've been below freezing every night since last Thursday and daytime temps below 50F. The frigid temps are to continue through the week. Yup, it's going to be a cold and blustery Halloween up here. BUT--at least we aren't along the east coast. I do not envy them their visit from Sandy, and hope anyone in her path stays safe.

A friend hosted a movie night Saturday, which would have been more enjoyable had I not felt a cold coming on. You know you're getting sick when chocolate trifle doesn't taste good. It basically tasted like sawdust to me *sniff* so I mostly gorged on fruit pizza. Which, granted, is a healthier option, but still. I also had two glasses of orange juice, one of which may or may not have included alcohol. *grin* We watched "The Avengers" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." We also had the 1980s classic "Ghost Busters," but well...owing to a late-starting and long Badger football game, ended up not getting to that one.

I woke up feeling rather foggy and with a bit of a scratchy throat Sunday, so spent most of the day vegging on the couch with a book, a couple "Harry Potter" movies, and a Packers football game sandwiched in between. I forced myself to wash a couple loads of laundry during the game, the motivating factor being that I would likely feel far worse mid-week and less likely to want to wash towels then, no matter how desperately I might need them. Took a nap after the second movie, before making a really late dinner and watching "The Mentalist." Thank you, CBS football for not running an hour late like last week. I would not have been happy with another 10pm start time last night. In fact, I only made it through about ten minutes of the 10pm newscast before conceding it was time for bed. I don't know how people on the east coast survive prime time.

This's looking to be a long day. I stopped at Walgreen's on the way to work for more cold meds, so hopefully will get through the day okay. I'm sensing a need for a nap when I get home, though. I'm already feeling a bit sleepy, even with non-drowsy meds. On the bright side, at least it's not the flu. Gotta love this time of year...


Jana said...

Sorry to hear you're getting (have gotten?) a cold. Feel better soon.

It's pretty darn cold here this morning, too. Brrr... Was 37 when I left for work...and I had to wear actual SHOES. *sob* ;-)

Heather said...

Thanks, Jana. I do hope I feel better by next weekend. Just hoping I can stay awake for tonight's ep of "Castle"!

It was 27F when I got up this morning, and not much warmer when I left for work. I've been wearing actual shoes (and even boots!) for weeks now. Not to mention turtle necks, sweaters and sweatshirts. :-\

Alice Audrey said...

I can see how a 10pm T-off when you're nursing a cold could be a problem. That was a lot of movies to watch all at once.

Heather said...

Alice: I probably could have stated that clearer, but chalk it up to the cold.

Just to clear up any confusion, the Badger game was at 2:30pm Saturday, and it was going on 6pm when it went into overtime. We passed on OT to start our movies. We usually do two or three films when we have a movie night, and only managed two this time. It was 11pm when the second one ended, and we all decided we were too tired to do Ghost Busters.

Sunday morning I watched a movie before the Packers game came on at noon, then watched another movie after the game. With the cold coming on, I was feeling really tired, so laid down for a couple hours and did manage to sleep a little.

I got up again about 8pm and made dinner before The Mentalist came on. I hate that CBS moved The Mentalist to 9pm Sunday nights (it used to be 9pm Thursday). Thankfully, it started on time this week. Last week it was an hour late, as afternoon football games ran long (second game must have gone into overtime).

Anonymous said...

Lovely shot. Hope you're feeling better.

Heather said...

Thanks, ladyfi!