Sunday, December 09, 2012

Mini Candy Cane Ornaments

Some mini ornaments I made this year. These were small enough to stitch on scraps of 14-count plastic canvas leftover from other projects, and were so quick and easy to do, I did half a dozen of them in one night.

After they were all cut out, I placed them face down on a piece of wax paper. A drop of craft glue was added to the back of each candy cane, then the end of a dark red ribbon pressed into that. I let them dry for a couple hours to make sure the glue was set. You could use hot glue if you wish, but it dries fast and I prefer not burning my fingers.

This is what they look like hanging on my little tree. Cute, aren't they? I kept three for my own tree, the rest are for a friend who LOVES candy canes.

Here's a close-up for you.

The pattern.

The key:
DMC white = straight line
DMC 666 = the number 5
DMC 304 = the diamond
DMC 310 = backstitching

Cut along dotted line when done.


stacy jenny said...

So beautiful ornaments, I really like this ornaments, You made such a toil to make this ornament look amazing. I really like your work and appreciate it with my heart. You win my heart by providing such a beautiful designs to us.
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Heather said...

Thanks, Stacy! These actually look like more work that they really were. ;)