Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blame it on the migraine

Magnolia petals

Sorry there is no teaser this week. I planned to set up an entire week's worth of posts on Sunday but--alas!--I was laid low by a migraine. Which meant I spent the bulk of the day curled up in bed, cringing at the noise from the Demolition Crew above me (seriously--I swear it sounds like those kids are trying to tear the place apart). And then, of course, I was gone almost all day Monday, attending a friend's cookout.

Or perhaps I should say cookin. We had rain Sunday afternoon, with intermittent showers throughout the night. We awoke yesterday morning to more showers. Though the rain had stopped by 10am, it was cold and overcast the rest of the day, with temps in the low 50s, so though we did cook brats and hotdogs on the grill, we spent the afternoon indoors. On the bright side, at least we did not have snow, as parts of upstate New York and New England states did. That would have totally sucked!

I got home around 8pm last night, but was exhausted and had a headache so . . . not wanting another migraine in as many days, I deemed it wise to go to bed early rather than logging on to the computer. I think I made it through one chapter of my book before I turned the light off--only to be jarred awake at 11:30pm by the Demo Crew coming home. Grrr! Some people have zero consideration for other people. By the time they finally got settled, I had difficulty getting back to sleep.

It felt like I had just gotten back to sleep when I was wakened at 6am by a thunderstorm, and only managed to doze until the alarm went off an hour later. I confess, I may have hit snooze a time or two before I got up. What can I say? It was chilly in my apartment, I was tired, and it was pouring outside--perfect conditions for hibernating under the covers. Too bad I had to get up for work today.

Speaking of, I suppose I should get back to it. Sigh . . .


Jana said...

Boo on the migrain and Demo Crew upstairs. Glad you had fun with your friends, tho.

BTW, those fallen magnolia leaves are so sad. I hate it when the magnolias die off for the year. :-(

Alice Audrey said...

Hugs on the headache. I've been lucky the last few years in not getting so many. Well, not entirely luck. Turns out one of the things chocolate does to me is a migraine. Much fewer now that I don't eat it anymore.

You remind me of some people I knew out that way that kept the grill running year round, no matter how deep the snow piled up.

We're back to cold and rainy here, too. I'd complain, but it's set back Fire Season, which tried to start super early this year, so I guess I better not.

Heather said...

Jana: Thanks, and thanks. We did have a good time yesterday, even with the rain (which is in our forecast every day this week) and a few of our regular crew missing.

It is a bit sad to see more petals on the ground than on the trees, which is what we have right now, but summer flowers are starting to come up now, too.

Heather said...

Alice: Thankfully, chocolate is not a trigger, though I do try to indulge in moderation.

As for grilling in chilly, damp weather, we are not as bad as some of the winter grillers. For one, you can't get to my friend's grill in winter. The snow was so deep on her patio last year, there was no setting foot out there from November through the end of March.

We just had a huge wildfire in Northern Wisconsin last week. Guess they haven't had as much rain up there as we have.