Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Thirteen 309: Writers Who Served

Monday was Veterans/Remembrance Day. In honor of that, here is a short list of writers who served in the military.

1. Kurt Vonnegut, US Army/POW

2. Lori Avocato, USAF nurse

3. P.C. Cast, USAF

4. J.R.R. Tolkien, Brit. Army

5. Rogenna Brewer, USN

6. Delores Fossen, USAF

7. Lindsay McKenna, USN

8. Susan Grant, USAF

8. Merline Lovelace, USAF

9. Robert A. Heinlein, USN

10. Elizabeth Moon, USMC

11. Elle James, USA/USAF

12. Roald Dahl, RAF

13. Cindy Dees, USAF

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Rebecca said...

I used to LOVE Heinlein. And now I can't read other Sci-Fi because they don't follow his Sci-Fi world. Don't care for the movies from his books.

Colleen@Looseleafnotes said...

I think Vonnegut became a peace activist after serving.

CountryDew said...

That's a great post. Must have taken a little research to put that together!

Hazel Ceej said...

Nice list. I'm familiar with 1, 4 and 12.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful list, Heather. God bless them and the other men and women who have served.

Heather said...

Rebecca: I've never actually read Heinlein, but then--I've never been that big on sci-fi.

Colleen: I beleive you're right. His experience as a POW in Dresden had a profound affect on him.

Anita: Thanks! A little research, but not as much as expected. ☺

Thanks, Hazel! I expect those are the three names most people have heard. :)

Stephanie: Thank you, and Amen sister! ☺

Paige Tyler said...

Cool TT!


My TT is at

Heather said...

Thanks, Paige! :)

Amy (A Simple Love of Reading) said...

Thanks for stopping by! Wonderful and thoughtful list. You have to let me know how The First Love Cookie Club is!! ;)

Heather said...

Thanks, Amy! I hope to get to TFLCC in December. :)

Alice Audrey said...

I had no idea on any of these.

Heather said...

Alice: I knew a few, but a couple others were a surprise.