Monday, July 07, 2014


For COLLEEN and all users of WordPress: Apparently, WP suddenly thinks I am spam. Please check your spam/junk files for posts by myself and other poor, hapless folk sent to purgatory and rescue our comments. We cannot post further comments on your blog until you do.

And if you know of any way to get me OFF their spam list, your help would be appreciated.

Thank you!


colleen said...

OMG! I can't believe how much spam I get. Alice Audrey left me a comment about your not being able to comment on our site. She told me to look in my spam folder which I did and have never done before. I went through pages and pages and finally saw your comments there (I found 3). So I hope now that I marked them as "not spam" they will go through. I never got through the end of today. That's how much spam I get and I didn't see any other regular bloggers in the folder but you. I don't know why! Let's hope it's fixed.

Heather said...

Thanks, Colleen! I understand about excessive spam, as I am inundated by it without word verification. I know a lot of people hate word ver, but in my case it works.

I know some people prefer comment moderation, but while I receive notification for new comments with word ver, I never receive it for comments awaiting moderation and forget to check. I do tend to skim junk bins, though, as I have had legitimate emails routed there on occassion, both in my personal and work emails.

Alice Audrey said...

Askimet does a pretty good job of filtering. For the first few years that I used it, I checked every single comment in the filter in the desperate hope of finding a real person accidentally caught. I found them, but at a rate well under one percent. Now the volume is significantly higher, so all I can do is spot-check. I found Coleen there a few weeks ago and simply pulled her out without saying anything. But outside of the two of you, it's been months since I've found anyone who shouldn't be screened.

Now that you've been pulled out by two of us, you should have better odds with other Wordpress users.

Heather said...

Thanks again. I ws able to post my link at Mz B's blog this morning, so we'll see if my luck holds out. ;)

Alice Audrey said...

If you made it there, then you should be fine.

Heather said...

You'd think so, yet there were a few WP blogs on Teaser Tuesday on which my comments did not post and where they were not being moderated. I didn't make it around to many Wordless Wednesdays this week, so we'll see how Skywatch Friday goes. Speaking of, I need to get that uploaded yet. :-\