Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thursday Thirteen 352: Happy Halloween

With tomorrow being Halloween, I thought I'd share some of the many photographs taken on long walks this month. Click on any photo for a larger view. Enjoy!

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This house covered Halloween and Thanksgiving with one display.

Love this pumpkin topiary idea!

The entire yard of this house was decorated -- this is only one tiny part of it.

This house had a couple of large red spiders and webs,
but too spread out to photograph it all.

Even Bucky is getting into the spirit of things!

Remember the house from last year that featured the ghost pirates?
Apparently, their goal this year is to instill a lifetime irrational
fear of clowns in all young trick-or-treaters. You'll want to click to
enlarge this collage of the killer clowns and rubber chicken graveyard.

Another house that was really done up -- I especially liked the door.

"Hey dude... Trick or treat!"

This is a different house than the one above with similar red spider.
Only the porch and door area was decorated here.

Lemme out of here!

Have a safe, fun and happy Hallow's Eve!

For more neighborhood tricks and treats, see yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post.

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PlantPostings said...

That last one is classic! Thanks for sharing the great decorations. This time of year is so much fun, isn't it?!

Heather said...

Beth: What a coincidence - I just came from your blog, LOL. It is a fun time of year, and I love seeing how people decorate for autumn and/or Halloween. It's interesting how creative and all-out some people go, while others are content with no more than a pumpkin on the steps. ☺

colleen said...

That was fun! People are so creative.

Heather said...

Thanks, Colleen! I'm glad you enjoyed it. ☺

sandyland said...

all so clever not many decorations here but lots of treaters

Heather said...

Sandy: Aren't some of these clever? There seem to be more decorations here this year than last, but then - last October was really cold.

Alice Audrey said...

I love the googly-eyed ... um... is that a pumpkin or a gourd?

Heather said...

Alice: I think it's a type of pumpkin, LOL.

CountryDew said...

These are great! I love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday.

Heather said...

Thanks, Anita!

Jana said...

Neat! :) I wish I had the energy to decorate for Halloween. I took my spring wreath off the door and that's as far as I got. :-/

Heather said...

LOL...Lazy! I do have some autumnal decorations in my front window, but they won't photograph well due to the refelction of the sun. Can't seem to avoid it no matter what time of day.