Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Thursday Thirteen 366: Recently Read

If there is a benefit to frigid temperatures, a banged up knee, and being sick, it is having a legitimate excuse to hole up and read. Here's what I've read during the more recent polar blast. As always, click on any cover or link for more info.

And talk about timing -- I scheduled this post before I knew today was World Book Day. So, Happy Book Day, everyone!

ROW 1: Casey Daniels, who also writes as Kylie Logan, was the January Featured Cozy Author, and I opted to read the first books in two different series by her. I liked the Button Shop book more than the other, but would read second books in both series. I also caught up with one of my favorite series by Ellery Adams.

ROW 2: Wicked Weaves may appeal to those interested in Renaissance festivals. This was book one in the series, and while I've liked other series by this duo, I'm not sure if I will stick with this one. Tangled Lies is an older rom-suspense (one of the first Harlequin Intrigues) set in Hawaii — and who wouldn't want to be somewhere warm right now? I read A Good Ghoul's Guide in one day and promptly loaned it to a friend's teenage daughter. The ending really has me wanting to read book two. Only problem? It is out of print and not available in ebook. Argh!

ROW 3: The novella row. Lady Susan by Jane Austen was not at all what I expected. Told in a series of letters, it was considered quite risque during its day. Elusive Isabel introduced me to American mystery writer and journalist Jacques Futrelle. I've also enjoyed reading some of his short stories. You can read EI for free at Project Gutenberg. The Wendigo introduced me to another new-to-me author, and while this was more a classic "horror" story than mystery — the type told round campfires for generations — it was an interesting story.

ROW 4: I participate in at least one group read a month, depending on whether I already have the book or can find it easily and at a decent price. A Passage to India was the January classics group read, and while it wasn't a fast read, the writing was good. Bridget Jones's Diary was also a January group read (different group) and, despite rave reviews, I can honestly say I enjoyed the movie more than the book. I wasn't planning to read this month's group read, The Fault in Our Stars, but then Barnes and Noble had a Nook offer at a really good price, so I caved. Not very good timing for a book I knew would make me cry (especially considering recent family events), but I do recommend it — so long as you have tissue handy.

ROW 5: One of the items on the "Ultimate Challenge" list is to read an author with your initials. Hugh Lofting was one of only a few authors for whom I could find books I had not previously read. The bonus was revisiting Dr. Dolittle, a book I remember reading in elementary school (this is one for Colleen's grandsons!).

YOUR TURN: What are you reading these days?

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Lea said...

I just finished reading "The Fault in our Stars." I liked it very much. Now I'm reading "A Spool of Blue Thread" - very interesting book.
We woke up this morning to sleet ping, pinging on the windows - a good day to stay inside and read!
Stay warm and be safe.

Heather said...

Lea: "Fault" was good, just poor timing in the reading of it. I've seen the new Anne Tyler advertised -- it's been a while since I read one of her books.

Mia Celeste said...

I love finding out what you're reading. I usually discover a book I'm interested in. Thanks.

Heather said...

Mia: Thanks, I hope you found a few here that interested you. :)

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

I rather miss having such an excuse just to stay home and catch up. Our south Florida weather simply invites me to spend half the morning out in the wild and the rest of the day squeezing in all the tasks without time to relax and read.

Heather said...

Kenneth: At least the frigid temps are good for something, right? ☺

colleen said...

That's quite a range. I like the movie Fault in our Stars.

Alice Audrey said...

I've been meaning to read Bridget Jone's Diary forever. I have it somewhere.