Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday Thirteen 412: Recently Read

Here’s a look at what I’ve read since mid-February through last week. As always, click on any cover or link for more info.


: The first two books are both by Julie Hyzy, and all three counted towards monthly mini challenges. One of the Hyzy books also counted towards a 2016 Ultimate category, a book set during summer.

ROW 2: More cozy mysteries for mini challenges. Sheila Connolly was the Featured Cozy Author back in Oct 2015. While I read two of her books then, I still have several in Mount TBR to go. This catches me up on at least one of her many series. An Early Wake also counted towards the 2016 Ultimate Challenge (book set on an island). With Wicked Stitch and The Stitching Hour, I am also now caught up on this series by Amanda Lee.

ROW 3: Jacqueline Winspear was the March Featured Cozy Author. I enjoyed this first book in her series, an historical mystery set during and after WWI, but wish it had come with a tissue warning. It also counted towards the Ultimate Challenge (book set in Europe), and I do want to track down the next book in the series. Major Pettigrew was a February group read and I quite enjoyed it -- would definitely recommend it (Ultimate: Book with a blue cover). Northern Lights was the February read for a Nora Roberts group, and also counted towards a mini challenge for oldest book in Mount TBR — I’ve been meaning to read it for more than a decade and am surprised it took me so long, seeing as it is set in Alaska.

ROW 4: Fire Touched is a recent release by Patricia Briggs (Ultimate: book published in 2016), and I enjoyed it as much as I have all her Mercy Thompson books. The first chapter had me in stitches. Abandoned is the prequel to Amanda Stevens' “Graveyard Queen” series, which I read in anticipation of the March publication of the fourth book in the series, which I do not yet possess. I look forward to reading it, and the next two books in the series, though. Hard Knocks is also a series prequel, this one by Lori Foster. I have not yet read any of the books in the “Ultimate” series, though a friend does have book one.

ROW 5: Walking is a classic short work by Henry David Thoreau, the text of which meanders as ones thoughts might on a long walk.

Your turn: What are you reading?

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colleen said...

Walking looks good to me. I just finished Liz Murray's memoir of going from homelessness to Harvard, Breaking Night.

Heather said...

Colleen: Walking was a fast read, and one I think you'd enjoy.

CountryDew said...

I am reading The Japanese Lover. So far so good. Walking looks good, will have to see about that one.

Lea said...

Since I am a dog lover, the ones with the dogs on the front appeal most to me.
I know, don't judge a book by its cover!
Hope you are having a great week!