Thursday, October 06, 2016

Thursday Thirteen 433: Best Snacking Apples

It's apple-picking time, and our local orchards are packed these days with those wishing to pick their own. Here is a list of the Best Snacking Apples:

01. Braeburn
02. Crispin
03. Empire
04. Fuji
05. Gala
06. Ginger Gold
07. Golden Delicious
08. Granny Smith
09. Honeycrisp
10. Idared
11. Jonagold
12. McIntosh
13. Red Delicious

I personally prefer the gala — you?

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Beth @ PlantPostings said...

Oh, thanks for the list! We haven't been to the apple orchard yet this year, but this might be the weekend. I have such a taste for apple pie ... and apple crisp ... and apple donuts ... and fresh apples!!!

Heather said...

Beth: I haven't been to one of our local orchards in a couple years, but now you have me hungering for those apple cider donuts. I've already been gorging on Copp's pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. :D

Lea said...

I love apples! All kinds of apples!
I buy whatever is most economical - they are all so good!
I eat one with my breakfast cereal every morning.

CountryDew said...

I like the Ginger Gold and am also partial to the tartness of a Granny Smith.

Alice Audrey said...

My neighbor says her tree is Golden Delicious, but it is neither.

Zippi Kit said...

What a clever 13 list! My favorites eating apples are Gala and Fuji, and Grannie Smith for pies and cobbler. Excellent list!

colleen said...

Liam and I have been enjoying Pink Ladies. I used to like Red Delicious the best but they don't grow them like they used to. They've been mushy and tasteless for years.

Heather said...

Lea: I like some apples more than others, but not enough to eat one every day, no matter what the old adage says. '-D

Anita: Not a Granny Smith fan myself -- I tend to prefer sweet varieties to tart.

Alice: LOL -- Tree doesn't produce good apples, HUH?

Zippi Kit: I'm with you on your apple choices. :)

Colleen: Not familiar with the Pink Ladies. Environmental and climate changes play a large role in how many foods change, and we've seen some pretty strong extremes lately.