Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday Thirteen 442: Holiday Cards

I had a somewhat successful card-making day this past Sunday. While I got a couple dozen done, I am nowhere near finished for this year. For those featured below, I decided to use up as many leftover pieces and paper from previous years as possible. I still have stacks of images to get rid of! 

All layers feature decorative paper, with star brads. 

Glitter paper for bottom layer. Printed greeting. Stamped Holly.

Bear is a diecut, top strip is blue grosgrain ribbon,
bottom two are paper strips. Blue brads. 

It's difficult to see, but the white panel is embossed with snowflakes.

One for Hanukkah, for an extended 
family member. Cross-stitched image.

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sandyland said...

fantastic.I did a winner last year but not this time sadly

Heather said...

Thanks, Sandy!

Alice Audrey said...

So many lovely cards. I particularly like the red with the deer, the blue with the swirls and the green with the leaves.

Lea said...

All beautiful! You are so talented!
Numbers 6 and 7 are my favorites!

colleen said...

Nice symmetry and color!

CountryDew said...

These are lovely. I think it is wonderful that you do this.