Tuesday, August 22, 2006

CowParade: Flavor of the Day

Flavor of the Day
Location: UW Campus, Behind Humanities building
Artist: Udder Force Four
Sponsor: Culver’s Frozen Custard

This is the cow seen behind yesterday’s cow, Bessie the Wisconsin Star. It is one of three cows sponsored by Culver’s Frozen Custard, one of the other’s being Jana’s favorite, Ici-Cow, hehe. Mint chip is my all-time favorite flavor, though I also love Culver's Black Forest (chocolate frozen custard with cherries and brownie chunks) and Death by Chocolate. Mmmm…. What flavor do you prefer?


Jana said...

Yum. I think I'd like a scoop or five of that black forrest. Sounds delish.

Kinda makes ya wanna lick this one, don't it?

Nah! It's still a COW!


Lynn Daniels said...

Yowza. Suddenly I'm craving ice cream.

Heather said...

Lynn~ Hehe...my work here is done.

Jana~ ROFL...you're such a nut!