Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CowParade: Sir Loin

Sir Loin
Location: Library Mall on UW Campus, Behind Humanities building
Michael Spangler (Stripe)
Sponsor: Midwest Family Broadcasting / WJJO

Another of the herd grazing behind the Humanities building on the UW Campus, and a weird one at that. Apparently it's supposed to be representative of guitar rock (that's what those are painted on its back), being as it is sponsored by local hard rock station WJJO -- which I do not listen to.


Lynn Daniels said...

Thanks for explaining that one! At first -- because of the name -- I thought the paint job represented bones and meat. A butcher shop-represented cow.

Maybe I should go have another cup of coffee.

(And hmmmm. The last four letters of my word verification are ntwt. Is Blogger calling me names now?)

Heather said...

Don't feel too bad, Lynn -- when I read that name in the CowParade guide I was expecting pretty much the same as you: a butcher-themed cow. On the one hand, I'm glad it wasn't, but on the's kind of out there. LOL

And just so you know, unlike Blogger I would never call you a nitwit. ,-)

Jana said...

Cooool! I was just thinking as I looked at it that it looked very rock and roll and then I read your description. hehehe

I like the name. Very Sir Elton Johh-ish. hehehe