Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Morning Wonders

Kind of a cool ride into work this morning -- both literally and figuratively. Literally because the temp is a bit lower than it has been, only in the 60s right now. You can smell and feel the approaching rain moving into the area. Almost made me wish I had a scarf for my neck, as the wind blowing through the open windows was a bit too cool on it.

Figuratively because of two sightings en route to work. First, as we drove south along Fish Hatchery Rd, I looked out my window towards the southwest to see an AWESOME cloud formation -- the kind that, had I been alone or even with one of my friends, would have had me/us pulling over to try to photograph it. Not possible when you're riding with certain people. It was a layered, feathery sort of formation, narrow at the bottom and wider at the top, and looked very much like a funnel. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it before, and wish I could have taken some pics from that vantage point. Once we turned onto HWY M heading west it looked rather blasé, just another cloud on a horizon full of them.

As we traveled along HWY M to the office, I saw the second wonder of the day: perched atop the power lines stretching the length of the road was a magestic hawk, surveying his realm and looking for a bit of breakfast. Again -- wish I had been with someone who wouldn't mind pulling over for an attempt at a photo. In any case, it was a truly magnificent sight to see.

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