Thursday, August 31, 2006

CowParade: Pink Flamingcow

Pink Flamingcow
Location: Top of Bascom Hill
Artist: Jenny Steinman Heyden
Sponsor: UW Credit Union

This is the second cow at top of Bascom Hill, and its name is NOT pronounced like “flaming cow,” but is a take on the word “flamingo” and yes, there is a story behind it.

Early on the first morning of classes in 1979, 1008 pink flamingoes – the tacky lawn ornament sort – appeared on the hill in front of Bascom Hall, a prank of the “Pail & Shovel Party.” (Bottom picture) Most of the flamingoes were stolen within hours, only to appear on lawns and in windows around town (particularly those of downtown student houses). One of the flamingoes was saved by one of the prank organizers and donated to the Wisconsin Historical Society for posterity.

Another infamous prank of the group was the building of the Statue of Liberty on the frozen surface of Lake Mendota. Unfortunately, Lady Liberty fell victim to arson soon after she was erected. Both pranks were immortalized through postcards which are still sold around town.


Jana said...

Oh, this is just tooooo too cute. LOL I love it!

kate said...

Keep um coming, Heather! Have a great holiday weekend!

Heather said...

Jana~ Isn't it just? *grin*

Kate~ Thank you, I hope you have a good weekend, too!