Sunday, November 05, 2006

Five things

Darn it all -- the fabulous Babe has tagged me to share 5 interesting things about myself that people don't already know. Umm...right.

1. The first and only time I swam in the North Sea I almost got stung by a jellyfish.
2. I almost fell off the top of Pike's Peak when I was 4.
3. I don't have a license of any sort, but HAVE been in a helicopter simulator. Neat experience!
4. My first poem was published when I was 9 yrs old, in a booklet that was distributed to city libraries.
5. I love cemeteries.

I am tagging: Jana and Nichole (and yes, Nichole -- I know I still owe you one. I'm working on it!)


Babe King said...

Is this challenge coming back to bite you again? I got you with that one an age ago. Must be time you got some better friends. :-)Oh, and well done making all those cards for the troops. I'm sure they're lovely, you clever thing.

Heather said...

You just tagged me with this one a few days ago, and I thought you had tagged me on the other as well, but could not find it when I skimmed backwards on your blog.

Thanks for the kind words on the cards - I added another 25 to the box yesterday. Wow, might even make 200 by end of the week. That would be awesome!

And yes, I do need new friends. :-P

Nichole Ellis said...

Hey doll! I blogged my five, haha.