Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November Horoscope

I will love November? Hmm...guess we'll have to see.

Your November Horoscope by Susan Miller

You will love November! With six planets moving through water signs, you'll be "in your element" and swimming through warm, friendly waters. There will be a spiritual, reflective touch to November too that will appeal to you, so get set for one of the very best months of the year, dear Pisces! This one is just made for you!


Jana said...

Sheesh, Trix! Should I start crooning Sweet November to you or somethin'?


Heather said...

Ha are SO funny. NOT!

Seriously, I'm a bit skeptical after having to call police on my loud, rude, obnoxious upstairs neighbors again last night. "Sweet" would be them moving out.

Jana said...

I'll send some of my magical "annoying-neighbor-be-gone" elixer. It worked on my annoying neighbors. hehehehe

Heather said...

Hehe...maybe I coulf borrow your stalker?

Babe King said...

I dunno- with all that water it sounds like washing day.

and Heather, at the risk of having a cow thrown at me, you are hereby challenged to "do the 5".

You know I love you, right? (((hugs on the neighbors- wanna swap? Mine just threw up red dust and grass by mowing next tot he fence while I was hanging out my whites- had to rewash- not happy, Jan)

Heather said...

Babe~ Ha wash day here this weekend. I was, however, informed that management is going to move the upstairs neighbors to a different building. Part of the problem is that they crank the stereo in the bedroom, then go sit in the kitchen or livingroom, which is beyond rude. How long do you think we'd last if we did that?

As for your neighbors...I'd have been ticked beyond words and told them off. Just because you live in the country doesn't mean you are exempt from manners. Wish you had better neighbors, hon!