Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Farm on HWY M

Getting to work early one morning at the end of April, I snapped this picture of a farm on HWY M, near where I work. The sky was an endless blue with only the faintest whisps of white as the sun stole quietly across the landscape. It wasn't long after that the leaves were in full leaf and the fields more green than Winter Brown. This quiet scene is deceiving as, off to the left of the shot was a bulldozer breaking ground for a new commercial developement. Madison isn't the only city losing ground to urban sprawl; Verona is too.


Jana said...

What a lovely shot.

It's sad though, that bit about urban sprawl. Even here in mostly rural Mississippi, the towns are encroaching upon the "country". I know for Oktibbeha Co. (where I live), at least, there isn't much "country" area left. What is left is being bought by developers and turned into pricey subdivisions or cheap rental housing units. :-(

Forward Our Motto said...

I guess that just means it's important to support smart land use policies now as opposed to waiting until everything is built up. Support anti-sprawl candidates at the local level and all that...(assuming you're actually against sprawl :-))

Tempest Knight said...

Lovely pic! Too bad is about something that's become extinct. *sighs*